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Every Takeoff Tools form is meant to be printed on paper of a specific color and weight (thickness).
The primary reason is so that different forms can be quickly distinguished from one another.

It can be frustrating and time consuming to search for a particular sheet of paper by leafing through the papers on your kneeboard, and most Takeoff Tools forms are designed to be placed on your kneeboard. It's amazingly easier to find a particular form by looking for a particular color.

The paper colors and weights listed below are recommendations.
You are, of course, free to use different paper if you desire.
Should you do so, please limit your colors to pastels and white.
It's difficult to see the information printed on dark paper at night.
Also, non-pastel red and green paper can look almost black in green and red light respectively.

Paper Recommendations

The following paper colors and weights (thickness) are recommended for Takeoff Tools forms.
All paper sizes are 8½ by 11 inches.

Airport ATISTM :   Pastel Yellow,  20 pound
Crosswind Calculator :   Pastel Green,  20 pound

Paper Brands and Colors

Paper manufacturers market their products using different trade names and color names.
The following list translates the generic colors listed above into specific paper brands and colors.
Note that this is not intended to be a comprehensive list.
You can usually find appropriate paper at an office supply store.

Pastel Green,  20 pound
  Brand: HammerMill, Pastels   Color: Green

Pastel Yellow,  20 pound
  Brand: HammerMill, Pastels   Color: Canary
  Brand: Xerox Pastels   Color: Yellow

Assortment Packs

Some manufacturers produce multi-color assortment packs containing several colors.
You can sometimes save money (and paper storage space) by purchasing one of these.

HammerMill Pastels, 20 pound bond, 5-color assortment
  Contains: Green, Pink, Canary, Blue, and Goldenrod.

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