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Form Catalog
All Takeoff Tools forms are listed here.
Click on the link to see and download forms.

Document Stacking Order
See my document stacking order recommendations.
In other words, how I suggest you pile your documents onto your kneeboard.

Copyright Notice
Read the Takeoff Tools copyright notice.
The copyright notice describes what can be done with Takeoff Tools forms and electronic documents.

How to Download and Save Documents
Learn how to download documents from this site and save them on your hard drive (instead of viewing them in your browser).
I recommend you download and save the forms so you'll have access to them at any time.

Paper and Paper Colors
Every Takeoff Tools form is designed to be printed on paper of a specific color and weight (thickness).
Read about why this is important.
See a list of all recommended paper colors and weights.
Paper brands and color names are also listed.

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