1 Hour of Beautiful Video Game Music (Playlist 1)

00:00 – Final Fantasy XV, “Somnus, Instrumental”
03:42 – Child of Light, “Aurora’s Theme”
07:07 – Final Fantasy X-2, “Eternity: Memories of Lightwaves”
09:38 – Kingdom Hearts II, “Dearly Beloved”
11:52 – Final Fantasy X, “To Zanarkand”
14:53 – Fire Emblem: Awakening, “What If I’m Not Worthy?”
18:35 – Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, “Xion’s Theme”
22:17 – Ori and the Blind Forest, “Main Theme”
24:15 – Final Fantasy XIII-2, “Serah’s Theme, Instrumental”
26:54 – Assassin’s Creed Rogue, “Main Theme”
28:49 – Child of Light, “Steamwork for Orchestra”
34:28 – Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy, “Kate’s Theme”
35:47 – Kid Icarus Uprising, “Viridi Solo Menu”
38:39 – Pokemon: Black & White, “Unwavering Emotions”
40:24 – Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, “Surely Someday”
45:16 – Kingdom Hearts II, “Destiny Islands”
47:20 – Final Fantasy VII, “Main Theme”
51:37 – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, “Song of Healing”
53:51 – Fire Emblem: Awakening, “Chapter 10”

I always listen to music like this when I draw or write, so I decided it was about time I created my own playlist for others to enjoy. With the help of my sister, we were able to put together a list of our favorite video game tracks.

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Suggestions are open! Be sure to leave a comment of some of your favorite video game songs. There’s a chance they might show up in my next playlist. 🙂

**This video is not monetized, and is completely for non-profit purposes. This compilation is fan made—I edited it together, but the songs and images used belong to their rightful owners**

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  1. For mobile users:

    00:00 – Final Fantasy XV, "Somnus, Instrumental"
    03:42 – Child of Light, "Aurora's Theme"
    07:07 – Final Fantasy X-2, "Eternity: Memories of Lightwaves"
    09:38 – Kingdom Hearts II, "Dearly Beloved"
    11:52 – Final Fantasy X, "To Zanarkand"
    14:53 – Fire Emblem: Awakening, "What If I'm Not Worthy?"
    18:35 – Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, "Xion's Theme"
    22:17 – Ori and the Blind Forest, "Main Theme"
    24:15 – Final Fantasy XIII-2, "Serah's Theme, Instrumental"
    26:54 – Assassin's Creed Rogue, "Main Theme"
    28:49 – Child of Light, "Steamwork for Orchestra"
    34:28 – Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy, "Kate's Theme"
    35:47 – Kid Icarus Uprising, "Viridi Solo Menu"
    38:39 – Pokemon: Black & White, "Unwavering Emotions"
    40:24 – Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, "Surely Someday"
    45:16 – Kingdom Hearts II, "Destiny Islands"
    47:20 – Final Fantasy VII, "Main Theme"
    51:37 – The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, "Song of Healing"
    53:51 – Fire Emblem: Awakening, "Chapter 10"

  2. Love this! It's helping me get some writing done!

  3. Nice songs though wish there where some xenoblade songs in there because they are also beautiful

  4. My dear friends, we are the generations from Final Fantasy 7, Suikoden 1 and 2 until now. We all remember when a soundtrack hits us then suddenly we are feeling everything through the music. You always remember this feeling.

  5. Está música faz me lembrar a minha avó que eu nunca conheci

  6. bruh the music of ori and the blind forest is SO BEAUTIFUL that game is fantastic

  7. does anyone know where this version of destiny islands is?

  8. Video games, especially RPGs, is actually tells you a story as good as a novel would do, while at the same time, immerse you in that story with melodies corresponding to it. So, it is actually a form of a high art where a music is not stand alone by itself but is given an emotional identity via the story of the game. That is why I think it's so memorable and literally helps you to memorize the story.

  9. I found my new nightly Therapy music, it’s here. Thanks Baggins. 🙂 my Father still plays Final Fantasy, so the Nostalgia feels nice. My brother also plays Fire Emblem, so it’s nice to listen to something that my family plays. 🥰

  10. Fou forgot the minecraft music! It is so beautiful!

  11. Is this on spotify as a playlist somewhere?

  12. Zack is the real hero. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don't know the exact story of that bustersword. As an ff fan since 2000, If you're reading this comment and you don't know what I'm talking about, watch or read the full story and when you're done, search for this comment and F for Zack. 🙂 Have a good rest of the day.

  13. No pokemon mystery dungeon soundtracks?

  14. How dare you do that with Xion's theme???

    cry in Nobody TT

  15. I am really amazed with Child of Light's soundtrack!

  16. For Assassin's Creed Rogue part, it should be Ezio's Family from Assassin's Creed 2, which is the original and later becomes the leitmotif for the rest of the game, thus it becomes a "main theme" for the series. But I respect you for choosing AC Rogue theme because it's good as Ezio's Family

  17. While this is a fantastic playlist, I personally feel that Nobuo's best and most evocative work is found in Lost Odyssey. Although that game lacks the notoriety Final Fantasy has

  18. This is so relaxing to listen to. You and your sister did a great job! Also, those timestamps are a life-saver. Btw, I've indexed the timestamps in the Video Timestamps search engine so I can acces them easily. Cheers!

  19. Why does the guy look like riku on the first sound track

  20. I would add Yasunori Mitsuda's Town of Twilight and Star Stealing Girl to this list. Both are beautiful pieces.

  21. Somnus hits the right nerve when you hear it. Every time I come back to this video, I feel a bit of emotion when it begins. Thanks, Baggins! I love and appreciate so many of your compilations.

  22. Half of em is final fantasy and kingdom hearts.

  23. i think ori should have more soundtrack here

  24. You wanted to enjoy the music? To bad

    Random encounter

  25. More like final fantasy soundtrack lmao

  26. This just proves how relaxing ff music is

  27. jesus, until I looked at the date of the upload I legit couldn't tell if the person on the thumbnail was supposed to be yozora, noctis or riku

  28. sad but i have never played any of these games the music in them sound amazing.

  29. I just closed my eyes for a min and I took a short 20min nap listening to this

  30. You have very good taste. 🙂 Final Fantasy "To Zanarkand" and Kingdom Hearts are my favorites too.

  31. I no joke didnt think "The Wish" (Serah's theme) would be on here. It was such a surprise and it made me remember that even though the gameplay sucked… The final fantasy xiii games made me cry the most.

  32. I've always found Roxas's theme more beautiful than Xion's, but it is never on the lists. I think it's so underrated </3

  33. Omg I just realised riku and noctis put together would be yozoea, just add a touch of sora

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