10 Most BEAUTIFUL Games Ever Made (HARD LIST) | Chaos

Which video game do you think is the best looking?
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10 Most BEAUTIFUL Games Ever Made (HARD LIST) | Chaos


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  1. All realistic and live action style design language… No journey? Boarderlands? Fire watch? Abzu? Persona? Bioshock?

  2. GTA Vice city stories: Am I a joke to you??

  3. Before I watch it:

    I really hope steep is on the list!

  4. Except the witcher 3 the other games weren’t supposed to be in this list. There were other games deserved more recognition.

    Bottomline this is a craplist.

  5. Lol, this list is ridiculous. All of this games have the same realistic style graphics, so they look about the same. Okami looks better than all of these

  6. Blyatful not beautiful xD

  7. Not very many of them were vibrant, if youve ever seen lost Ember, you know what I mean. I think the war of men (something like that?) was amazing!

  8. This should the most realistice game list

  9. Bioshock series is in my opinion the most beautiful franchises

  10. Memes aside. Minecraft is an absolutely beautiful game in its simplicity. Especially with the music.

  11. One of my favour ire aesthetically pleasing games of all time with it’s beautiful cartoon animation is Firewatch 🥵

  12. In my opinion my favorite visual game is death stranding

  13. Mine was lego Lord of the rings

  14. Winner of ps4 facebook account khalid mangondato

  15. Skyrim special edition.

  16. Wow i can look at these beautiful games in this video with the 720p

  17. I think that Alice madness returns is a beautiful game

  18. zelda botw was the most beautiful game i’ve ever seen

  19. You should have included more scenes from each game

  20. What's about the legend of Zelda breath of the wild

  21. I think that Ori and the Blind Forest is a must have for this list. The environment and the soundtrack combined made this game absolutely beautiful.

  22. over saturates image of a not super appealing but decent looking game “name a better looking game”

  23. Dark souls 3 is beautiful too

  24. most of the games he added have very good graphics, but aren't say "beautiful", just good graphics

    I'd say that "RiME" "Journey" and "Abzû" look really "Beautiful"

  25. youve included FAR CRY 5?!?!?!? i have NOTHING to say to you.

  26. Where tf is ori and the blind forest????

  27. Lol u don't even have crysis or uncharted 4?

  28. Yo where's minecraft ray traced?!?

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