15 Best Locations In Video Games In Recent Years

Video games have a unique strength that no other entertainment medium does, in that they transport us to fantastic, interesting locations, and make us feel thoroughly immersed in them. In this feature, we’re going to talk about what have been fifteen of our favourite locations in video games in the last few years, whether that’s because of the number of things we can do in them, or because of their atmosphere, or a strong visual design.

For the sake of convenience, we’re going to be looking at recent games only (otherwise we’d have to make a top 100 list). Also keep in kind that when we say locations, we’re talking about very specific locations within the games, not entire maps. So don’t expect to see the likes of “Los Santos” or “Hyrule” included in here- the scope of the locations we’re talking about is much smaller.

NOTE: There might be slight location-specific spoilers ahead for the games mentioned.




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  1. Satorl Marsh (at night) – Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

  2. The way you say "Saint Denis" makes you sound pretentious

  3. how about top 100 cities in games?

  4. For Breath of the Wild I love the path to Zora's Domain. The rain the light are just so beautiful.

  5. Do you even know what locations means???


    There was a white forest in one of the older games. You had a gun in your hand and have to walk I think. It was like a hallucination. I think there was also a tree house on one of the trees that you can climb with the ladder on it.

  7. Think Cainhurst Castle from Bloodborne takes my spot. All that gothic goodness.

  8. No uncharted 4? You must be kidding..

  9. vote for bioshock indinite, Comlubia city

  10. No Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Paititi???

  11. It’s not Sunspear in HZD, it’s Meridian.

  12. Vienna in Witcher 3

  13. Just cause 4
    Project illapa
    Nueva vos
    Zona tres
    International airport

  14. Seriously? Not even one Bloodbrone location?

  15. You do mean Meridian not Sunspear

  16. My favourite is deinitley Meridian in Horizon Zero Dawn

  17. WTF Diamond City, seriously?

  18. I think The Ringed City should've come above Anor Londo……especially for where you fight Gael

  19. everyone remember when the old lavender town music make kids kill themselves

  20. Wow. This video is bullshit. A bunch of that wasn’t even what he was talking about. Mispronunciations just remind us that this guy has never played these games and is reading a script and no one even bothered to correct him. No effort no research.

  21. University of Eastern Colorado is such a good location and level 🙂

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