"2018" SUPER 110 in 1 – Multi Game Cart Game Collection / Super Nintendo / SNES

Ultimate / SUPER / 110 / 100 in 1 / Multi Game Cart / Card / Cardridge / Mario / Zelda / Nintendo / Collection / SNES /

Beste Store for Retro Hardware (no games).

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    Check Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXKQm1WkHqM

  2. I always wanted to play Bonkers. I’ll buy it for my birthday, and a new SNES console.

  3. Does it work on a retro duo console?

  4. I want one with Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Countrys, MK 2 3 trilogy, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, a SHMUP, Contra 3, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, and other essential classics. These carts don't seem to be an all-in-one would need to get multiple. Is good tho but needs more classics.

  5. People should be doing research online before ask questions,just to avoid time waiting.

  6. I got this exact same cart this morning at the flea market for $5.

  7. Hey buddy i have the same one cartridge 110 in one.but huge problem only 14 out of 110 works..trouble with the snes?have original snes an clone one calls G-16-bit

  8. By your accent I know for a fact you're dutch😜

  9. Quick question does this work with game genie?

  10. Is Nintendo Made This I'm Elon Musk.

  11. I wonder if this will work on the FC Twin game console??

  12. I recently purchased this multi card after two days it won't work why can anyone please tell me

  13. Jurassic Park Nes or Snes version?

  14. What’s the Simpsons game on that cartridge?
    Bart’s Nightmare, Virtual Bart, or something like that?
    Btw, is the Ghouls game supposed to be “Super Ghouls & Ghosts”?

  15. Why can’t they just put all the heat on these. adventure island 2 but not Super? They have a lot of crap on this

  16. Vc gosta bom jogos mais até snes
    110 in 1 tudo novas R$40.00 tá Manaus quero

  17. yo it will work on super supa sfc ?

  18. That menu is very reminiscent of the SNES classic.

  19. how do you put it into the snes? its not fitting into the slot and i am very sad right now. please help!

  20. Does this works on retron 5…..i wanna make sure b4 I purchase

  21. sunset raiden foi a que faltou na que eu comprei de 100 jogos mais to gostando muito da coletania de jogos muito bacana

  22. mine dosent work i have black screen when a power up the snes

  23. Do you have any save problem or data lost

  24. Can u play these games on the orginal snes console

  25. Does this work on a normal NTSC SNES? Also, which is the best between the 100, 102, and 110? What are the perks of each and do they work on a normal SNES??? I'm seconds away from ordering, so PLEASE help me pick the right one!

  26. Can this play on snes european version?

  27. No idea why they put a bunch of crappy roms on there when they can easily spend 5 – 20 mins on Google finding best of lists to pad the cartridge with nothing but good games. Imagine that, 100 good snes games. But even then tbh that's so many that even for snes you're likely to have titles that are just less good alternatives to some of the other games on there. Still, I'd rather have all the best games padded with good games instead of shitty ones. But tbh I'd rather just have a cartridge with like the 25-50 absolute best games on it. I'd take that over a cart with 100 games where half of them are shit.

    I've read issues with voltage mismatching or something like that that could be potentially hazardous, is that not an issue for this product? I see this one on eBay all over, how does it compare to the red one that I also see all over ebay, aside from them having different lists of games? Are they both solid quality products?

    Thanks for this video!

  28. Awesome video!! Does it work with the Retro Duo portable?

  29. does this work in an old snes console or do you need to buy the new mini ones

  30. Thanks for another great video! You rock!

  31. can't stand your 16:9 stretched videos despite the useful content you make :/

  32. Omg when I was a child I had a 8 in 1 and I felt rich. Now this.

  33. This looks like one I might pick up. I'm a little disappointed it doesn't have Castlevania Dracula X in the game list even though it's pictured on the sticker. Still looks pretty good though. Thanks for the video!

  34. will this game work on my analogue super nt

  35. Damnt I wanted to see dkc wow wings 2 aces high never expected to see that …it's one of my favorites even though Ive never finished it ..

  36. Where to find ?

  37. You better put this one in a safe, because i know where you live 😍😜!

  38. I wonder how long they Will Still make these multicarts now flash cartidges and modded snes mini’s are taking over The market.

  39. Still the 100 in 1 Red cart is the best! It has no Crappy games like this one!

  40. But does it support multiple savefunction? Or only 1x save total so you need to play through the end before playing another Game with savefunction!

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