7 Times Music in Games Blew Our Minds

Occasionally music in a game can knock you flat, whether with its sheer badassery, or ability to make you burst immediately into tears. Here are seven pieces of game music that blew our tiny minds.

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  1. We all love music here at OX towers, but some video game music is just so epic, cool, heart-wrenching or beautiful in its simplicity, that they really struck a…*chord* with us… ahem… Here, then, are those musical moments that make us stop and go "whoa…" whenever we hear them. 🎵🎶

  2. I thought generation zero had the best main theme of any game I have ever played

  3. While "From Past to Present" from the Skyrim soundtrack and the main theme from Spider-Man 2 (2004) are tied for second, I think my favorite is "Ballad of the Windfish Song" from Link's Awakening (Gameboy)

  4. The undertale soundtrack is just his theme but more chill

  5. Persona 3/4/5 , Undertale, Splatoon, Xenoblade, Minecraft (1.16) are just my favorite series when it comes to music

  6. Expecting these to all be Undertale….

  7. PLEASE! please please tell me where you got the footage for the legend of Zelda concert. This is something I need and for the life of me my google-fu-ing is proving useless to the task.

  8. Ezio's family is definitely the series theme lol

    the Syndicate version of Family is very good but i shouldn't think it should be the main theme of the game. i think Danza Dalla Daggers or Underground or London is waiting is more fitting for Syndicate.

  9. Damn… Getting chills from the TP Hyrule Field song

  10. "Compass" from Red Dead Redemption 1

  11. BFG Division, no scratch that. Literally any Doom 2016/Eternal soundtrack

  12. Ruins should get more recognition from Undertale then Megalovania

  13. I really love how Luke is breaking down and passionately explaining his favourite parts of the Undertale music at the end.

  14. im glad that you included ezios family, but what about the og pokemon red battle theme? minecraft themes? (eg. living mice, sweden, subwoofer lullaby) skyrim main theme? destiny? the last of us?

  15. Zero mentions of Plants vs Zombies ? Come on guys

  16. Hollow knight has a great soundtrack

  17. MGS2 theme is my favorite

  18. I agree with the Undertale part, but come on dude, you're forgetting His Theme


  20. if you think that payday 2 should not be on the list you are disabled

  21. Old Gods of Asgard's song Take Control that plays near the end of the game Control.

    That section of the game was the absolute best thing I've ever experienced in gaming.

  22. The first time you fight Asgore and the music is slowly building and he pulls out his spear and then the music pauses and the it just HITS

  23. The Eterna City Theme from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. It’s so homely and the slow, horse-plod pace is really sweet to me. It was my first pokémon game (platinum) and I got stuck in Eterna City because- of course- I chose Turtwig as a starter. I spent a lot of time listening to it. I love it a lot.

  24. I’m kinda surprised rip and tear wasn’t here

  25. Where’s At Dooms Gate or every doom song ever made

  26. How about the music that outside extra and Xbox use in the intro

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