AbeClancy Plays: Exit the Gungeon – #30 – PERFECT Winchester Game

Stream from March 26th 2020. I….. No… This isn’t what I wanted! My cannon! Noooo! The stool!

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Exit the Gungeon is a small, spin-off ‘dungeon climber’ immediately following the adventures of the misfit Gungeoneers.

Originally released near the end of 2019 as a mobile exclusive game, Exit the Gungeon was restricted to the Apple Arcade store for six months. Now that Dodge Roll/Devolver Digital’s contractual obligations are expired, it has been released on the Nintendo Switch and PC on Steam.

Exit the Gungeon playlist:

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  1. I just recently got seriously into playing Enter the gungeon a little over a week ago. What an amazing game. Exit is next on the list. But I just wanted to say your videos are beyond super helpful. And when I do finally kill that damn dragun it will be thanks to you! Lol. Love what you do and thanks so much!

  2. 10:11 10:42 for those still wondering, 20 is the max combo since it ticks over twice but never goes higher

  3. rip the stool, 2020-2020…

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