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A playthrough of Hal’s 1989 puzzle game for the NES, Adventures of Lolo.

The Lolo games have always been favorites of mine on the NES. My best friend in elementary school had this one, and he and I would spend hours chipping away at the puzzles. Adventures of Lolo didn’t get put in the machine quite as often as Wrestlemania or Spy Hunter when we’d play together, but we played it enough to have quite the long list of passwords scrawled on a torn sheet of notebook paper that we kept stuffed in the game’s dust sleeve.

Though they were developed by Hal (remember Lolo’s cameo in Kirby’s Dream Land?), the American trilogy of NES games was only ever released in America. They weren’t entirely original titles, though: this first game in the US series pulls its stage designs from older Japanese-only MSX titles. The graphics and sound were dramatically improved, and some of the core mechanics were altered, but Adventures of Lolo is, in large part, a “greatest hits” mix of two older games. And it was produced by Satoru Iwata, if you’re a fan of his works.

Adventures of Lolo was pretty neat when it was new. There weren’t many games like it on the NES at the time. The game required very little in the way of reflexes – it was meant to be straight brain-candy. A thinking person’s game. And I loved it.

There are 50 puzzles in total, and each takes place on a single screen. The goal is to collect all of the heart containers in order to open the treasure chest holding the key that unlocks the door to the next stage, and boy, some of these puzzles are DEVIOUS – enough so that the select button makes Lolo commit suicide, resetting the stage. There was a lot of note-taking involved in playing this – if not for my pages of hand-scrawled notes and diagrams I certainly wouldn’t have gotten through it in one sitting with the ease that I do here.

Each monster has its own method of making Lolo miserable – some will fire at him if he hasn’t properly blocked their lines of sight, while others chase him and fall asleep on contact, most likely trapping Lolo in the process. It takes a fair amount of effort and focus to make it very far, but it is incredibly addictive once you get comfortable with the mechanics.

Nintendo recently announced that this one is coming to the Switch in the next week, so I figured that now was as good of an opportunity as any to share one my childhood favorites.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. 0:00 HAI sounds like HI!

  2. Great puzzle games

  3. Adventures of Lolo? You better s-s-have saved the receipt!

  4. This is my childhood.
    I never finished the game, now since I watch it again I get stuck in the last stage lol.
    So glad I saw jow its end 🙂

  5. I just now found you and realize you've played so many other NES games. Time to binge.

  6. Nostalgia 🙂 solo me preocupaba por jugar y matar estas cosas 🙁 ya ahora puro trabajo, rentas, novia, dinero, pedos mentales 😞😞😞😞 ala que divertido era antes.

  7. A good puzzle game for NES for its time. This game and Lolo 2 on NES was a real brain teaser for me as a kid when i was playing them, and my father would sometimes play this game with me and we would visualize and try to solve some of the later harder puzzles together. Good times indeed.

  8. A friend who had the NES got it, although we favored other games when I was at his home. He and his father eventually managed to clear all levels and I distinctly remembered the last. Just like then, however, I am underwhelmed by the ending: I expected one true final level where you would put your ability to one last test while under several type of attacks by the Great Devil – instead, it's a cutscene where's defeated with no effort. Maybe he was never strong, just cunning in setting up all those traps :p

    A great puzzle which could have used some more visual and aural variety, what is there is pleasant but I can't shake a feeling it was a minor project at the time.

  9. Since You made adventures of lolo i Want to make playthrough for

    Adventures of lolo 2
    Adventures of lolo 3
    Adventures of lolo (Game Boy)

    Can You do them please?

  10. Ironic that this was also made by Masahiro Sakurai and Lolo became a boss character in future Kirby games.

  11. Behold; the origins of Kirby's Lololo and Lalala (or in the anime, Fololo and Falala)! These little green blocks they push around in their boss fight is from this game, as well! On its own merits, Adventures of Lolo is a fun little gem of an NES puzzler too! I really enjoyed playing it. Some later ones even get to be real head-scratchers at times! Music is super-catchy too, and you're gonna be hearing a LOT of it. It's adorable, and it's a classic puzzle game!

  12. And somehow they ended up as the enemy in kirby snes, crazy huh?

  13. Stay tuned for Lolo 2!!

  14. Alex, do you take requests? I wonder if you can play the MSX/Famicom Eggerland games in the future?

  15. The Adventures of Lolo? I hope you saved the receipt! Anyone that gets that wins an entire treasure chest of bitcoins.

  16. I got to play one of the sequels. I certainly miss the Lolo games. It's too bad that Kirby became Hal's big star and left this series to rot.

  17. Good game but that music will drive you up the wall

  18. That's interesting, NintendoComplete.

  19. Adventures of Lolo was a genius little puzzler that played unlike much else at all before it on the NES. And anyone remember the little guy's cameo in Kirby's Dream Land?

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