Adventures of Lolo (Nintendo NES)

Buy this game and more at . Adventures of Lolo is a unique puzzle game, it was a pretty popular game for the NES, it spawned two sequels for the NES and one for the Game Boy.

Princess Lala has been kidnapped, it is up to Lolo to save her. So he enters The Great Devils Castle where she is being held. He will now have to go through 50 puzzling rooms to save her.

Adventures of Lolo is really just many rooms that you will have to think your way out of. There will be various enemies, obstacles, such as rocks and water, arrows which will allow you to only move one direction, and more.

In each room there are hearts you must collect. After collecting all the heart a treasure chest will open, get to the chest and the door to the room will open. It is much more challenging then it seems. You will have to move blocks in certain areas, do things in a certain order, and just sit and think about what you need to do. Many enemies cannot move, but getting in there path will lose you a life, so moving carefully, pushing blocks, and thinking are key.

If you want a mind-challenging puzzle game, then check out the Adventures of Lolo.


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