AMD Ryzen 7 3750H vs Intel i5-8300H CPU Comparison

Which quad core CPU should you get in your next laptop? The AMD Ryzen 7 3750H, or Intel i5-8300H? Let’s take a look at various benchmarks, including video editing, 3D rendering, gaming, power draw, battery life and more to find out which is worth it.

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  1. A couple of things I wanted to address from the comments:

    1) I do not believe Windows 1903 would have helped Ryzen performance here. The updates improve topology awareness in Windows, however the 3750H has a single CCX so this should not make any difference (it will of course be another story on the desktop side, though at the moment the Windows update alone does not improve this
    2) The FX505DU in the video shows single channel in the memory, don't worry, I replaced it with dual channel after I filmed it all, it just came like that to me. I've tested 15 games with both single and dual channel memory for a future comparison.

  2. Today, I5-9300H is the most common budget gaming laptop processor in my country. It is stronger than its predecessor, which is stronger than the Ryzen 7 3750H.
    Now, I just read in another review that the Ryzen 7 3750H managed to juggle 40 Chrome tabs, 5 Full HD Youtube-videos AND Shadow of the Tomb Raider in the background all at the same time. And this is a processor that is weaker than the most common laptop BUDGET processor. I mean…I don't know about you guys, but I'm completely baffled by the sheer performance/price gaming laptops are capable of today.

  3. Which one should I buy for gaming laptop
    Asus rog vs Asus tuf a15

  4. We own two 2019 Acer nitro5 both with GTX 1650 GPU but different CPU. Ryzen 3550H and i5 8300H.
    Ryzen 3550H CPU Package wattage: IDLE = 2 to 3watts; Gaming(Titanfall 2) =18 to 20watts.
    Intel i5 8300H CPU Package wattage: IDLE = 10 to 12watts; Gaming(Titanfall 2) =38 to 42watts.
    Ryzen CPU is also running cooler by 8c to 10c on gaming, not to mention it could run longer by more than an hour on batteries compared to our intel variant.
    On gaming, Intel have about 5fps+/- advantage though it probably because our Ryzen variant have on 12gb RAM vs 16gb on the intel.
    Ryzen though uses more RAM as reserve for it's Vega GPU regardless if you're using the vega gpu or not. I think 16gb is the minimum to maximize Ryzen CPU gaming laptops.
    Intel can use RAM with 2666mhz while Ryzen variant can only use 2400mhz RAM.

  5. Now ryzen 7 4800h beats core i9

  6. para ser justa la comparacion tiene que ser i5 8300h intel 630 vs ryzen 5 3500u

  7. When I heard Corona, my brain died.

    Intel wins this time.

  9. Is it worth to buy a Asus Tuf
    -Ryzen 7 3750h
    1650Gtx /256Ssd /1tbHdd /16gbram
    For 550€. I am not familiar with this stuff but i am looking for a good gaming pc and also for school stuff. Now my question is of this laptop is worth?

  10. Hey there!!! Which is better between Ryzen 5 3550H with 4gb 1650 gpu and i5 8300H with 6gb 1060 gpu

  11. So i5 , i7 (8th gen +) > Amd Ryzen 7 3750H ? Right

  12. What do you mean with 1% low??

  13. hi, nice video. What if the 3750H is 16mb ram and the 8300h is 8mb ram? which one would be better?
    thank you

  14. Hey i found Legion Y540 with i5-9300 HF and gtx 1650…Should i buy? Hope u answer quickly im out of time

  15. Could you tell me how you activated quick sync on your laptop? (that interests me a lot)

  16. Please make a video with the same graphics card I have been looking at a R7 3750 but I am more focused on the gaming aspect of the two

  17. What recommend? Core i7 8565u or ryzen 7 3750h?

  18. 2020.. I am still confused!! I am not a gamer but render vids, use blender, use statistics softwares.. what should i go for under 700$…
    Intel i5 or amd Ryzen

  19. I really like the laptop but i'm not sure if i should get the Fx505DT or the Fx505DU. Can someone tell me which is better

  20. I have the i5-8300H Asus TUF

  21. I need help. Can plz someone tell me is ryzen 7 3700U is a good processor for laptops?is i5 8265U. Plz help. Thanks for your time

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