Banana Shoes – Game Grumps Remix

EDIT 2: Welp, according to their MAGFest panel, this is officially the Grumps’ favourite remix. Gosh darn. I am pleased beyond belief. Keep on grumpin’, guys!

Edit: Some people have been asking for a version with louder vocals, this is also available in the download folder at the link provided.

I was hoping to lay off the Grump-remixes for a little while since I’ve been making so many lately, but then a kickass source like this appeared and it was impossible to say no.
This is my biggest and longest Grump-mix yet (though technically I suppose it’s a sort of two-in-one what with the abrupt key change).

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  1. Came back 7 years later to listen to this beauty again

  2. Jon stands outside Arin's house with this playing

    Arin leans out his window


  3. 0:30 Knock it
    1:02 Out of
    1:38 The park

  4. 7 years and this song is still amazing

  5. 4:35 i'm swedish i'm swedish i'm swedish i'm swedish i'm swedish i'm swedish i'm swedish i'm swedish

  6. It's so weird to think that a lets play channel is something that was heavily a part of my childhood
    I listened to this shit when I was 12

  7. 0:30




  8. it's already been almost 8 years…

  9. Taking a minute to appreciate the good days.

  10. Its so hard to say squish

  11. who else was driven back here by 2020 quarantine boredom

  12. Never fprget where we come from.

  13. Still my favorite song in this platform

  14. That laugh is so precious…

  15. This song takes me back to a time that is so foreign to me now. It's like a time machine T-T

  16. This is still one my absolute favorites lol the best ones from this era can be described best as "pretty Ego singing and random Jon noises" lol

  17. I feel alone here :_(

  18. I miss my innocent and young self

  19. God, this truly was the golden age. People can talk about how Jon and Arin being famous elsewhere on thr internet was a gimmick to get popular. But once you watch these you have to admit jow fun and natural the episodes feel.
    Oh yeah this remix… amazing, I can't put into words how great this is.

  20. I forgot this existed but remembered and am now having a good day.

  21. So I was just watching a multiworld oot randomizer on used pizza's channel and someone started singing this in the background. I didn't discover the grumps until 2014 but I still instantly knew what it was. Couldn't even tell you when I first heard it. Now THAT'S a classic

  22. This song represents everything about that old era of Game Grumps we loved. Dan got a lot of good time too. It just sucks that they have to walk on a lot of eggshells now because of their size.

    I'll always remember the Jon & Arin days of GG fondly, especially the Goof Troop series. Lol.

  23. I had this as my alarm for a solid few years so now everytime I hear this I can feel my body tense up

  24. #GameGrumps #Axl Arellano 8000 Arellano Gaming Subscribe To Him

  25. When someone makes the Game grumps game this better be one of the lvl songs.


  27. 2019 and I'm still here. WALKIN AROUND IN MY BANANA SHOES!

  28. I literally can't feel sad with this song on. I had a dream one time with this song playing in the background and I literally was dancing with a bunch of bananas

  29. What an uplifting memory.

  30. I christen my first winter eggnog to this song every year. Kony2012

  31. Man 2012 probably wasn't that good of a year, but this song makes me want nothing more than to be there again.

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