Becoming an Anime + Game Translator: How Long Did It Take Me?

A lot people have been asking me how long it takes to learn Japanese and how long it takes to become a translator. There’s no short or simple answer, so I go over a bunch of sub-questions (how long before I started earning money, how long before I was working for a company, etc.)

If you’re new here, I’m a full-time freelance Japanese translator. I also write, choreograph, teach dance and improv, perform, and sometimes tutor on the side for pay as well. In fact, most of my adult life I have been freelancing in some way or another.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sarah! I'm interested in maybe translating in the future but am still developing Japanese proficiency.

  2. well an anime conversation takes at least 2 weeks before they start fighting

  3. Sarah, what is your Myers Briggs personality type out of curiosity?

  4. The years of living dangerously. P.S.: Never been on a list so awesome before.

  5. You're thirty-WHAT? Come on, April Fools was 8 days ago

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