Ben-Hur (2016) – The Battle

Film: Ben-Hur (2016)
Movie Info:


Jack Huston as Judah Ben-Hur
James Cosmo as Quintus Arius

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  1. 3:37 REVERSEEEeeeeeeeووووو٤٤٤…..

  2. We're not just another slave ship; we're a family.

  3. if it was more historically accurated it would be amazing

  4. With all the money in the world can’t even match let alone surpass the original

  5. This movie sucked so much. Quintus being a noble savior became an unlovable tyrant.

  6. Lots of folks commenting on how ballsy the drummer & coxswain were to keep drumming/ issuing commands while on fire. There's some science behind this. The "tar" which came first was in all likelihood cold, because heating it up on a wooden ship while rowing into a battle would be far riskier for the ship carrying the molten cauldron than the ship receiving the hot oil, not to mention the issues of how to throw the hot oil from ship to ship w/o getting roasted yourself (not like you're just pouring it off a castle wall). The tar was thrown 1st then hit w/flaming arrows to light it on fire. So the guys when 1st coated in tar were not feeling any pain as the tar was not hot. Then when it lit on fire they probably didn't feel any pain for at least the time it took for the fire to burn thru the pretty thick tar to the skin. This is the same principal behind fire eaters & folks who walk on hot coals. Momentary contact or a thin layer provides temporary protection. Altho I bet when it finally did burn thru they were jumping into the sea pretty quickly.

  7. Just people living in the moment

  8. Even this is terrible. The 59' battle is so much better. The music, the action, the stunts, even the miniatures and it being filmed in a pool. Its very exciting to watch.

    The amputee stunt men, the fire. The music… even the torch to the face.

    Its an amazing sequence

  9. Damn. War is just hell ain’t it. The common man dying for the selfish needs of the elitists.

  10. 4:30 captured legionary

  11. Who the heck were they even fighting in 30 AD???

  12. 2% of this scene is historically accurate. I mean 2% is better than 0% right?

  13. Sorry to ruin it but thy never used fire arrows
    There’s no way it would’ve stayed lit flying through the air

  14. Is this either a quinqereme or a quadrareme?

  15. 4:29 did they actually do that!?

  16. RAMMING SPEED is my favorite movie quote

  17. 2:03 sounds like a meme scream.

  18. The scene of the first movie is best than this, best historical recreation than this.

  19. The world must know that Greeks were the best enemy of Italians(Romans) and Ottomans(Turks).

  20. At that time Roman’s were fighting the Greeks or German tribes?!

  21. 4:30 Geneva convention: broke
    The greeks: Geneva sugestions

  22. i feel sorry to roman who hangin in the tip greek boat

  23. The broken mast at the end is a cross

  24. what a waste of good roman greek warfare for this shitty movie

  25. idk why people hated this movie so much, this scene deserves the award for best scene of the century.. the claustrophobia, how the drummers only purpose is to drum, even attacking his own officer, how the guy proceeds to drum when his hand burns, its amazingly done

  26. I loved Ringo Starr's performance in this scene.

  27. My greek ancestors putting up a good fight against the Roman hail athan hail the Athenians

  28. He talks like Richard Harrow.

  29. Hollywood shows the most RIDICULOUS SHIT. If you were a rower slave, you be rowing a wine barge, not a war galley.

  30. The life of a galley slave was considered a fate worse than death.

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