Ben-Hur The Game On Xbox One (FULL GAME)

Ben-Hur The Video Game On Xbox One
Ben-Hur is a free game available now in the Xbox Live store and published by AOL and is a promotional tool which consists of 3 racing levels that vary only by difficulty. Its based on the upcoming movie under the same name and is chariot racing. This is basically a mobile looki/type of game released on consoles to promote the movie and it has achievements so YA win Win. Is it a good game..No as it’s not really a game its one race with bad graphics and promtional as can be..But its achievements are fairly easy as got 750/1000 in about 10 minutes on the 1st playthrough without trying as seen in video its only a 10 minute game. You can get all easy, the one 200 pointer is a bit harder but doable in under 20 minutes total…If you like easy achievements this is the perfect thing.

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  1. hey dude what's your xbox account i wanna add you as a friend.

  2. I tried to skip the intro, for a second thought it was a YouTube ad lol.
    The game looks terrible, another quick cash grab.
    You know they should just give these away for forcing you to watch the trailer and for playing the god awful game.

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