Beyblade Battles Game GAMEPLAY & REVIEW! – Beyblade Metal Fury Hasbro App

Beyblade Metal Fury (4D) beyblade battles game for iOS devices!

Hey guys here’s a vid with our review and quick gameplay demo for the new Beyblade Battle App that was just recently released for iOS devices…don’t worry Android users there may be a version for you guys too! This app is FREE by the way!

See Hasbro’s trailer for the game:

Download the app at


List of BBG Videos:

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  1. What's the link send to me

  2. Are you sure the website is cuase when I click the link Google says it can't find that ipaddress

  3. How can you gat it

  4. I don't have that game in my ipad

  5. how to download this game

  6. Dude I thought I was tripping, this game is real

  7. Is it available on Android

  8. How to download this game help me plz

  9. This was a long time ago I think they don’t have it on the app story

  10. Its six year man it canot be installed

  11. I remember this! Ughhh! The beautiful memories! I wish I could play that game again ;(

  12. tengo problemas para descargar, no me permite descargarlo, me dice que no esta disponible para este servidor

  13. Pls give me the link to download that pls plssss!!!! Pls give that link cause i subs you plsss!!

  14. All of the sounds are so nostalgic I remember playing this app on my parents phone 😭

  15. Sadly to me the app is not available in my country 😭

  16. This sucx it is not on play store or app store

  17. This is so old

  18. It’s been 4 yrs and the links not working boooooooo

  19. This link is not working and I can’t find it in the app as well

  20. yeh game download kaese kare….

  21. Can we download for Android

  22. Ah yes! I remember this on iOS. I played it a fair amount, by now it’s not on there anymore, along with Iron Man 3: The Official Game and LEGO Ninjago: The Final Battle. I want to play those again for the sake of just playing them again

  23. Can it download for Android

  24. How to download beyblade battle app please tell me download

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