Boyographic – Quarth Review

What happens when you take the copy of one of the world’s most popular puzzle titles, Tetris, and cross it with the fixed shooter gameplay of a game like Space Invaders? Why, you get Quarth on the Nintendo Gameboy! Is it a block buster or was it flying under your radar well deserved?

This is the 55th episode of Boyographic, the series looking to highlight the highs and lows of the Gameboy library, playing the hits and the misses so you don’t have to!

All footage is used in fair use to give a cultural perspective of the character and context for this game’s release. All footage is owned by it’s respective copyright holders, and was not created by myself.

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  1. I like that u are reviewing really good quality games that are often forgotten.

  2. there was a good version of this on the MSX2 as well. really enjoyable game

  3. This looks really fun!

  4. Just watched through all of your GB game reviews and I have to say you're doing a fantastic job. Great editing and commentary.

  5. Nice review of a frustratingly hard game but quite a good conversion of the arcade game block hole which is just as difficult if not more,still a good game but nothing can beat the mighty Tetris

  6. This was one of the games I had when I was a kid. I played it a lot. I recently got a Japanese version of it, and have enjoyed playing it again as an adult.

  7. I like the fact that you can over shoot making it tricky. An interesting concept

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