Can you beat Minecraft with a Wii remote?

Minecraft is a pretty simple game, but can survival mode be beaten with a Wii remote?

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  1. Lol this is probably Purpled"s best like dislike ratio

  2. I play minecraft for long time aaaaaand I once or twice beat enderdragon withput any cheats, only twice because I am too lazy to do it lol

  3. Purpled: What Am I gonna do?!
    My head: You see that pig there, pretend its techno and punch it to death…
    PS: This is no hate to techno!

  4. You can't beat Minecraft you can just get all the achievements

  5. What shaders do you use?

  6. Wth the it so good is it on Wii u

  7. Your posture is horrible think about your future my child

  8. me: needs to do homework, a gfx for someone, videos

    purpled: can you beat minecraft with a wii remote?

    me: yes but actually, no

  9. still better than dual analog

  10. 0:29 lol i thought i'm the only one.

    i play this game since 2012-13 btw
    i can't even remember

  11. why don't you play bedwar with wii remote

  12. im have a wii and im laying minecraft education java bedrock psvita and pocket edition. Also what is the mod that allows you to play with the wii remote?

  13. i beat the ender dragon…..

    In creative

  14. I would actually watch a survival series

  15. Do bedwars with wii remote pls


  17. yo purp, do a survival series pls

  18. i got lowkey seasick while watching this 😂

  19. U look like jughead from riverdale

  20. this is pretty much what playing on Xbox is like…

  21. 0:40 and how old are you? 15? no, seriously?

  22. This is basically like having cinematic camera on with high sensitivity

  23. This is the closest we'll get to Minecraft on the Wii

  24. There needs to be a mod for Minecraft that allows the use of a Wii Remote + Nunchuk as a control method.

    The IR pointer would work the same way a mouse would in Minecraft (Bedrock)'s mobile port. The player would then be able to look around by means of edge-scrolling, like in some Wii games.

  25. Play Bed Wars With It Pleeaaaseee 🤗🤗

  26. Play bed wars like this! The only consoles I have is a Wii and the og NES

  27. How do I hook up my wii remote w/ my computer

  28. Wooow you got a nice facce TvT I can't even make a bed (since there is no sheep) Shout out? pls? or no ;-;

  29. How old r u cuz u look like 14 . Btw I’m a new subscriber ur videos are awesome:)

  30. purpled same with not beating minecraft

  31. is the wii remote Bluetooth or something how is it connected to his pc

  32. I have not ever killed the ender dragon sooooo

  33. Purpled out of context episode one

    "Imma go light on the genocide for now"

    "Normal? Nah we goin hard"

  34. Now do BEDWARS with a Wii remote


  36. You sound like Bob the Tomato

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