CANNIBAL CAFE! (Deep Web Exploration 30)

Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar! In this week we come across some interesting manuals some of which are illegal while also visiting a cafe that’s intended for cannibals. Oh yeah we also found some kind of a puzzle! Thanks for watching!
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“Pamgaea” by Kevin MacLeod


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  1. (im gonna keep posting this until daddy muta notices)

    Today, i was searching for information about "deeper", and i saw an article about his death, the ending was really interesting… Here's what it said:
    "It would seem that sadly, the original creator of the channel has passed away. And this arguably proves that it was at the end of the day, an ARG, an ARG which would have been going on for a long time, as the text says but unfortunately, the creator has passed.
    Now of course if this is true, condolences for the friends and family, but something in the back of my head tells me that it might just be a part of the game. The timing just seems too perfect. A big youtuber shines a light on this channel and now this? Only time will tell I guess.
    It also seems as if there is another channel that might be run by the same people who ran Deeper:
    but that might be for another post.
    Whatever it might be, it truly was a creepy and interesting channel and it definitely had an impact."
    i find this REALLY INTERESTING… and that new channel really gives me deeper vibes.

  2. when he didn’t realize those tones were the keys. rip.Those tones were the pass code

  3. the code to the key pad might be in those audio files each key might not make the same sound if you enter the correct sound combination in to the pad you might get in the site.

  4. YOU SAY it's "Ep-#30" when the *graphic that's on-screen say's
    BAD! BAD, MUTA-HAREM!!!! You go sit in the corner… I fervently watch
    your stuff, you silly upstairs "neighbour" up there in Can-adah!!! I
    hate how people mistake *MY STATE for being dumb Canuck-Fucks when it's

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Nice Typo, Muta-Harem!!! ;-P

  6. 414 is a phone number. It's an area code for the city of Milwaukee. I'd like to look into this. Where can I find the site?

  7. After Muta watches the Deep Web Video: "I'm not spooked, I"m just laughing at the absurdity of it". Some Deep Web video is just too ludricously edgy they lose all appeals of spookiness lol.

  8. I really want to know what this video is called.

  9. I lowkey wanna buy some meat from the cafe

  10. That is just an US army tactic manual. Warrior task and skills level 1, I think it's called. Basic soldier shit you learn in basic training. They just put the term "white army" on the title page

  11. Muta:"I don't know how you joke about necrofilia"
    Redditors: Let me introduce myself.

  12. Am i the only who saw this even u searched for the cannibal song?

  13. I just discovered your channel, I love your videos ❤️

  14. @SomeOrdinaryGamers I cracked the code, PM me.

  15. Dude, the tunes are the code. They are the sounds pressing a number button on a phone makes, even you said they are dial tune. You just gotta know which tune corresponds to which number

  16. This is how many viruses he downloaded

  17. Serious longpig, male, spit roasted, slowly, whole and alive, for yours BBQ, Kik : longpigforbbq ~ longpigforbbq@gmail. com

  18. Muta's giggle is my spirit animal.

  19. Put the tones in the digits

  20. You know it’s time to go to bed when you start watching sh@t like this lmao

  21. Why didn’t you try the code it gave you the phone number sounds are numbers

  22. What’s twater

  23. I’m scared

  24. Probably one of the more disturbing episodes of this entire series

  25. For the Illuminati one ur supposed to enter the number that corresponds with the phone keypad sounds in the audio files

  26. Cannibal Cafe is on clearnet and it hasn't been active since a guy actually ate some other guy (with consent)

  27. The green symbol reminds me of the Atari symbol.

  28. For the fam out there too lazy to do a Google on the word "vivisection", it means experimentation and examination (often invasive) on live individuals, mostly without the use of anesthetics.

  29. Vivisection is apparently performing experiments on live animals

  30. Well on the second site there is a java execution that looks hard like a exploit or something haha

  31. 11:30 the number tones could possibly be used to find out the code to be entered

  32. The Cannibal Cafe is unfortunately real. Look up Armin Meiwes…

  33. I’m pretty sure the white army was Russian. This might be a different “white army” tho

  34. Human pizza is fucking great, you should try it.

  35. Vivisection is disecting or performing surgery without the use of anesthesia or pain killers.

  36. What's the deal with "FRAZZLE DRIP"

  37. I want that Field Manual, I actually find that stuff interesting to read. I want to compare it to U.S. Army and local Militia field manuals.

  38. Welp curiosity made me even more depresssed…..

  39. The video of the week is just a blood packet he popped

  40. i cant even watch this :/ had to stop makes me upset

  41. I found a game on a site called roblox with a note about this.

  42. Looked up what vivisection is, and wish I didn’t.

  43. How deep do you wanna go?!
    The Dark Web: YES!

  44. 18:50 – You mispronounced "omnipotent"

  45. The phone sounds are probably the code. Press the phone sounds in and lets see

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