CANNIBAL CAFE! Open for Business!

Duncan and I have opened up our own sushi restaurant using the finest human fingers, eyeballs and noses available. No refunds.

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  1. What's the name of the theme song?

  2. if this game don't make you buy stuff then it's super easy for me

  3. This game is weird!

  4. look at Duncan's eyes at the beginning click

  5. Kim do a fright night of Corpse Party (2011)

  6. when duncan started to play i couldn't stop laughing

  7. Hrrmm… aside from the intro song, the game is kind of gross, and boring?

  8. suspiciously similar format to Youda sushi chef… XD

  9. the Main Menu Song is (Death by A Capella)

  10. I love the song especially the numbero uno (the first one)

  11. The song sounds like Fiona And Zoey

  12. you clicked the knife and rolled the scroll wheel and it flips it and you reset their waiting time

  13. That Malaysian accent is ON POINT

  14. Amy from summer camp should play this

  15. can u do more one life plz

  16. The song sounds like the tem shop!

  17. this game looks identical to sushi go-round on the wii.

  18. So this game is identical to one that's been around for years that was a cooking sushi challenge game with the icons and the music changed. Otherwise its good I guess.

  19. this is just a copy of another game

  20. Are you going to October comic con this year?

  21. what is row? is it fish?

  22. Whats the name of the opening song?

  23. Duncan and Kim just need to break the sexual tension already………

  24. haha her malaysian accent are right on point

  25. stop pretending that the Chinese eat chicken feet for texture
    they really eat them because of crippling poverty

  26. Kim, can you talk in that maylasian and Chinese accent on your videos? It is so spot on xd

  27. Intro song is far more interesting than the rest of the game.

  28. I actually like the song at the beginning.

  29. i love this intro song wat is it?

  30. so… what does the knife do?

  31. I ate right before I watched this, and when Kim and Duncan started talking about the texture of fingers and ears, my gag reflex kicked in…

  32. Ironically, I just finished watching Sweeney Todd before I watched this.

  33. I love this song 😂😂

  34. I feel like that song came straight from the nightmare before christmas world. It was pretty good.

  35. Wow Kim and Duncan!  What a combo, never saw that coming…………

  36. cannibal caffe? Anteiku you mean?

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