CGR Undertow – QUARTH review for Game Boy

Quarth review.
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Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Quarth for the Game Boy developed and published by Konami.

Quarth is an action puzzler that basically combines Tetris with the arcade classic Space Invaders. Huge formations of blocks—looking very similar to those from Tetris—fall from above. Controlling a classic video game “ship” at the bottom, you shoot extra blocks upward at the formations. Your objective? Create perfect squares or rectangles out of those fragmented formations. When you do, the blocks vanish and you earn points. But if the blocks reach the bottom of the screen, it’s game over. Quarth is a devilishly challenging puzzler, requiring both visual recognition of potential formations and the gaming skill to create them. Quarth combines two of the greatest games in history to great effect. Tetris clones were a dime a dozen in 1990, but Quarth is at least worth a quarter.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Quarth for the Game Boy and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s Derek.


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  1. This was also made on the famicom. It had advanced sound design, more stages, Better music, bigger puzzles, And just a lot more

  2. Hilarious how I was watching Torchwood today and I heard the music from this!

  3. simple, clever, quick and fun. everything a gameboy game needs 🙂

  4. The music in this game is so badass!!!

  5. Hey Konami! How about a Quarth HD for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN?

  6. Quarth is great. Play it. And yeah, the real goal of the game is to make giant rectangles, not tiny ones. Trying to figure out which shapes can be turned into large rectangles, and challenging yourself to fill them out before they hit the bottom of the screen, is a lot of fun. Derek tries some of that in the review, but clearly hasn't mastered it yet. Keep playing, Derek.

    Oh, the multiplayer's good fun too. Yes, I have two copies and a link cable.

  7. Was wondering when you guys would review this 🙂 got it on both on cartridge and on 3DS

  8. Looks fun. I don't think I have seen this game before. Must have flew over my head.

  9. Great game. Im happy he gave it a good review, but he is playing it pretty badly ha. The challenge and fun of the game come from trying to make giant boxes clear at once. Like rather than making a bunch of small rectangles, you can turn the entire group of them into one giant rectangle and clear them all at once if you think carefully enough.

  10. Cheap game over at the end. He had that.

  11. I love Quarth. I had it on the original GB and now I have it on the 3DS.

  12. This was a good game. Did something original with puzzle games

  13. I've played the NES version of this game, its way too easy.

  14. Great. I've never heard of this game. But I have to give this a try, it looks right up my alley. Great concept, especially suited for a OGB. There should be a modern remake of this , on phones per say.

  15. This is one of my favorite Gameboy games.

  16. The name isn't that appealing indeed…

    But to be honest, i find this game's core mechanic quite interesting!

    As it is, i'll gladly believe you that it gets repetitive, but this game mechanic has some potential!

    Imagine the addition of special blocks and power-ups, similarly to how you have them in pong games.
    Or maybe even forming different shapes for certain colors of blocks (like triangles for green blocks or squares with a missing cornerpiece for black blocks).

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