Clumsy Cat – Universal – HD Gameplay Trailer

Clumsy Cat by Dingo Games Inc.

You are a cat. Your owners left you alone in the house. Do as much damage as possible before they get back.

Destroy every room in the house:
-Family room
-Dining room

Play as a lovable ginger cat or upgrade to one of the other playable pets. Wreak havoc with a Siamese cat, fat cat, beaver, bull, cow, dog, goat, lion, koala, monkey, pig, pony, raccoon, and more!

The game is compatible with iPhone 3GS and newer. Native support for iPhone 5 four-inch screen and retina iPad screen!

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  1. Is this the Steak and Jake music?

  2. Just got a record of $135,096. I missed only a couple of items.

  3. Game music: dan gatreau: reggae roots

    Fun fact: this music is used in a flash game, called "Learn To Fly 2"

  4. same music of steak and jake

  5. я всё внис скидываю

  6. And im addicted To this game :3

  7. Why are the characters not for free i want the characters like when you get the highest score you can unlocked some characters

  8. I played that game and got $64,541 worth of damage 0_0

  9. How do I unlock the other characters without having to spend a single dime?

  10. I love this game !!!!! ( I'm soo addicted )

  11. Wonderful, charming destructo-fest. I'm afraid to d'loaded it cause my cats play my iPad. Give'em ideas.

  12. Any one no when heroes of order and chaos is comin to ios

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