DefCon 5 – PS1 – Full Playthrough (Mostly Blind)

A complete mostly blind playthrough of DefCon 5 on the PS1 (played from the original disc on a PS3). This first person sci-fi adventure was released in November 1995 and was developed by Millennium Interactive. It’s one of the very first FPP games to be released on PS1 and also came out on 3DO, Saturn and PC. It’s an odd game, a cross between an adventure, a strategy game and an FPS with some turret shooting thrown in and a fair dose of 90s FMV.

The premise is that you’ve been sent to a corporate facility to install some defence software, the base gets attacked, you get stranded and most of the game is spent trying to find a way to stay alive and escape.

On the surface it’s quite a complicated and confusing game, but in reality it’s simple and can be beaten in just a few hours. There are a few ways to complete it and most of them will probably require a bit of trial and error, some parts can even be ignored completely.

This playthrough is mostly blind but there are some parts where I know what will happen in advance because I’d died and reloaded a save.

I have broken up this game into sections and made a playlist with separate descriptions on what’s going on. I wanted to include all that in this description but it was far too long to fit and couldn’t be edited without dumbing down too much so here’s the link to that playlist if you want to read about what I’m doing and what’s going on in the game.

I will say that I’m hanging about doing nothing at the end deliberately, you can’t leave the base until it’s in self destruct mode so I’m waiting for the intruders to do enough damage and set the self destruct off. You can set it manually but my method is easier and safer if you can handle the waiting around.


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  1. The music sounds like Kevin MacLeod.

  2. I tried to play this shit when I was a kid and without knowing english, so you can imagine for me how boring the game was hahaha

  3. Anita Sarkesian was the actress in this game.

  4. Wow, you got how to close them in the room yourself. I never managed to do anything in this game until I read gamefaqs in 2000s, so it is cool to see someone could make it blind.

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