DEFCON- Everybody Dies Gameplay NATO vs USSR

AI vs Players, NATO vs USSR, WWIII-esque stuff, the usual.

EDIT- I’d like to make a note here, roughly 3 years later, that at the time, I made Europe part of the red team, for the sake of maximum carnage, as including West Euro in Nato would have been boring only having to hit Moscow. Additionally, it’s meant to be in red scare perspective as which the Iron Curtain would have spread across all of Europe.

Anyway, thanks for watching, I really appreciate some of those deeper comments being posted. This is just a game, but its horrific stuff.


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  1. I came here from that Polygon video about how this game is terrifying. But now I really, really, REALLY want to play it.
    I want to experience the horror.

  2. Look at these cringy fucking comments, these retards will be the first to go when nuclear war happens, and good riddance.

  3. Who the fuck nukes Labrador…

  4. Adventure Time lore sure is grim

  5. The soundtrack sounds like the ambience that plays in an Oscar-winning movie when everything falls apart.

  6. I like how they dont make a deal about defcon 1, they say defcon 1 the same way they say defcon 2 3 and 4, it almost makes it scarier

  7. It's funny that people always want to revenge.

  8. This game can give people shell-shocked

  9. the bgm really stabs my heart

  10. There are two types of people.
    The jokesters: WYOMING HIT 4 Dead

  11. Am I the only one sitting in here and not reacting to anything?

  12. Remember… “No fighting in the war room”

  13. I cant wait to let it happen in real life.

  14. You don't "beat" an "opponent" in this game. You erase countries, raze continents and watch numbers grow on a screen.

  15. I come here after watched AJAR video

  16. With the current situation between china and the rest of the world, what do you think the DEFCON is now? I'd say at least DEFCON 3.

  17. 7:39 15 Million illegals dead xD

  18. Greetings from the 2020

  19. At 12:30 I first thought this was coughing, But this is actually crying, Sobbing at the utter loss of human life and devastating amount of destruction that You as the player are unleashing. All of that death, all of that pain. One can only break down and weep as the world they knew, burned around them.

  20. South hemisphere is chilling

  21. Take that sjw's, manginas,the feminists, the leftists and the rights, yall deserve it

  22. Science say this game is the most danger and scary ☝🏻

  23. Who came here After Corona Virus A.k.a Covid 19 Infected Mandkind😅

  24. Here after realizing we might be going to war

  25. Bruh, vsauce2 just has to make a video a long time ago saying this game is scary and suddenly everyone is unsettled? Chill, this game isnt bad at all, everyone is just making this some kind of deep post

  26. Am I the only one who's not freaked out by this game

  27. Can someone explain…? The game isn't confusing.. it's how the people in the comments see it. I just can't see it in their perspective.i know the cities are being bombed and millions of people are dying, but it just doesn't seem scary nor heartbreaking.

  28. This game gives me Undertale genocide vibes

  29. A strange game.

    The only winning move is not to play.

    Yet a winner must be decided in this game.

    The folly of man is truly the entropy of the universe.

  30. Astronauts: laughing in space "stupid humans nuclear war never solves anything"

  31. You're sitting behind a screen.
    With a keyboard.
    On that keyboard are buttons.
    Buttons, that can end the world.

    You push those buttons, and everybody else pays the price.

  32. Amazing game. The irony is that the politicians and global elite (Bankers and MIC) who pull the strings of governments think of it as a game and the numbers of dead would just be that – numbers on a screen – COLLATERAL DAMAGE. The developers captured reality perfectly. To the Elites it is about total domination of the planet and its resources just for "themselves".

  33. Death by virus pandemic was a lot scarier than a Nuclear war.

  34. I dont see whats so scary about this game, looks like fun! I wanna launch nukes.

  35. if the game's so creepy and depressing and makes you feel bad, why would anyone bother to play it?

  36. This game isn’t that scary to me, although it has a lot of stuff I would love in a horror game, it’s just repetitive at this time.

  37. I like the audio and the sound it makes when it shows what the defcon is at 2:24. and the sound made 6:23 when it said “player 1 launch detected”

  38. I've not even played this before and usually I'm not so scared about games, but this was so unsettling to watch.

  39. laughs in living in new zealand

  40. "Mr. President, we have a situation."

  41. Imagine this

    (You have a bad nightmare)
    (You wake up sweating)
    (You realise that you are alive)

    You: oh thank god it was just nightmare

    (You look at your clock)

    You: my god it's already 7:AM

    (You go to your kitchen)
    (You eat breakfast)
    (You drive to your work just in time)

    You: Hi boss, sorry I'm late.
    Boss: oh that's nothing.
    You: oh thank goodness

    (You go to your cubicle)
    (You start your computer)
    (You start your day)


    (Your alarm clock rings)
    (Finally, it's lunch)
    (You go to the canteen)
    (Your coworkers are there like usual)
    (A coworker notices you)

    Coworker: hey Mr.[name] come here
    You: ok

    (You go to your coworker to eat)

    Coworker: hey Mr.[name] how have you been
    You: it's been good I-

    (You get a sense of Deja vu)

    You: hey haven't we already had this conversation?
    Coworker: huh I just thought of the same th-

    (You pass out from the heat of the blast)
    (Time goes by)
    (You wake up again)
    (You hear what sounds like your boss asking someone is alive)


    (You hear frantic steps as someone rushes to help you)
    (Stones and pieces of wood starts to move above you)

    Person: Can you hear me?
    You: Yes you're above me!
    Person: good, hold on a minute

    (The person who you suspected was your boss lifts enough rubble from your body for you to move)

    You: thank you

    (You look up)
    (You see who it is)
    (You were right)
    (It was your boss)

    Boss: hold on buddy I'm going to pull you up.
    You: ok,

    (Your boss pulls you up)
    (You're halfway up when he loses his grip)
    (You fall back down)
    (Your head lands and gets impaled by an exposed piece of rebar)
    (The last thing you hear before you die are your boss's scream of terror and agony)
    (Everything goes black)
    (But you wake up again)
    (You're sweating)
    (You look at yourself)

    You: oh thank god it was just a nightmare.

    (You continue like before)
    (Not knowing that you will die)
    (Because all of this is just the last memories you remembered)
    (Before you were impaled and died)

  42. Tf is so scary this happens all the time in HOI4

  43. meanwhile the southern hemisphere is irritably banging a broomstick on their roof to complain about all the noise

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