Demonstar Secret Missions 1 Challenge: Using 2 Ships! (Complete Playthrough)

Secret Missions 1 is already very hard. But if you want more:
Options – Input – Remap Buttons for Player 2 same as Player 1. Seperate Fire button for each ship.

Here is what awaits you:

More enemies
Larger Hurtbox (be careful)
A LOT more items
Collect Items very carefully
Double Firepower
Using two different Weapons at once.
Twice as many Smartbombs – Throw Bombs faster

Advanced strategys are possible.
Only fire with one ship so the other can regenerate health or to keep Missiles for later!
Go out with a boom if one ships explodes. (other ships collects 2 powerups)

One shield is not enougth to protect you anymore. Both ships have to get a shield to stay safe.
If your ships overlap, player 2 wont be able to pick up items. Make sure to not touch the sides before you reach the final boss.

I use left shift as Player 2 fire button.
(and X for Bombs)
Mouse control will get you out of sync so it can’t be used. Nobody should ever you the mouse anyways so whatever.


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  1. So I would like to see in INSANE difficulty and watch out for more battle cow lol. I already completed with no death but one player at that time though.

  2. Hey there gamer, Thanks for playing the DemonStar Secret Missions 1. I hope you enjoy and persevering their game produced!


  4. Description was very useful as I was having hard time otherwise understanding why using 2 ships was such a big deal. In beginning I suspected having to control the movement simultaneously but that was scrapped quickly.

     Looks like some proper classic ship bullet hell game.Also nice to see your bi-yearly upload pop up.

    edit: this new youtube comment section formating is horrible. I absolutely do not intend to put all the text in one blob.

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