Demonstar – Xidus' Revenge Bosses

This video features all the bosses I made for my Demonstar series, “Xidus’ Revenge”.
They’re in level order, and the name of the stage each one appears in is also featured. I used stronger shots sometimes just to make the battles faster, but their HP is quite ballanced (most around 10000).

Time For Each Boss:
0:00 – Level 1 – Frontline Break
0:43 – Level 2 – Induced Sahel
1:43 – Level 3 – Crystal Sparks
2:23 – Level 4 – Water Planet – The Second Coming
3:30 – Level 5 – Neon Shine
4:40 – Level 6 – Mining Paradise
5:29 – Level 7 – Eternally Red
6:19 – Level 8 – Gone Down Through the Phloem
7:11 – Level 9 – Meteor Surroungdings
7:49 – Level 10 – Meteor Headquarters

Next Video
0:00 – Level 11 – SupraDevelopment Base

The series actual final boss and last level is in my other video:

which also includes download link for the series.
Thanks for watching!

Demonstar belongs to Mountain King Studios and each song to its original game and owner. No copyright infringiments intended.


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  1. 7:11
    this sound track is from sonic wings boss fight

  2. That’s so difficult than mine!! How you got this!? 😳

  3. 4:45 … i know this soundtrack.. its from sonic hedgehog…. final bosses..nice edit

  4. 13 years I search v4.04 Version

  5. You own v4.04 I want it please upload in mediafire

  6. Time to take this bad boy down!

    Nostalgia :') My childhood

  7. Anyone else think the level 10 boss looks like a badass face or is it just me

  8. Rather interesting set of bosses, can't believe I hadn't seen these before. Nice.

  9. 5:02 is it music from sonic bosses?

  10. Well, youtube itself. I'll tell you their names so you can find them on youtube.

    1- Mega Man 6 Boss Theme
    2- Sonic Wings Limited Ground Boss
    3- Mega Man Zero 4: Nothing Beats
    4- Star Fox 64 Boss Theme
    5- Mega Man ZX Tunes: Rockin' On
    6- Sonic 3 Final Boss Theme
    7- Super Aleste Boss Theme
    8- Pocky & Rocky Boss Theme
    9- Sonic Wings (SNES) Boss Theme
    10- Mega Man X8 – Lumine's Final Form

  11. Where can I get all the music from this video?

  12. I found Boss B From Starfox 64. What music you got by level?

  13. Where I can get this game?

  14. time to take this bad boy downnnnn

  15. Hey, if you're still curious about Multiplayer, I got it working with my Bro, could give you a game of it.

    You got steam? if so, message me and I'll let you know my username.

  16. Hey does the multiplayer part of this game still work? If so you want to tag team this game? xD Always wanted to try multiplayer out lol


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