Developing An Open World InuYasha Game. | The First 2 Months Of Progress | Dreams PS4

Developing An Open World InuYasha Game. | The First 2 Months Of Progress | Dreams PS4
My dream game ever since I was a kid watching Adult Swim has always been an open-world Inuyasha game. One where you could run as fast as he did through the world, or even jump off of a cliff and dive into the forest below. Unfortunately over the years none of the Inuyasha games released resembled anything close to what I had envisioned as a 12-year-old, but thankfully with the release of Dreams on PS4 the power to make the game I always wanted is in my hands.

So I’d like to introduce you to what I’m currently calling “InuYasha: Feudal World.”
inDreams Link –
Screenshots –

A new update for the title releases every month and I just released “The May Update” that includes the beginnings of a “Horde Mode” and a revamped map and character model. Enjoy what I’ve created so far as there is much more I have planned for “InuYasha: Feudal World” down the road.

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  1. Cool development dream game. I awaited and dying over Janis’s model. Main protagonists from NDS spin off InuYasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel.

  2. I think u should also put a map like gta and more peoples and change the health and energy bar style and missions like gta ( just my opinion)

  3. I support your content man! Ive stuck around for ages nice to see you start programming

  4. I put my heart into this project. So proud to be able to show the progress I've made so far. Enjoy what I'd created so far as there are many…many more things I have planned for InuYasha: Feudal World. Thanks for watching and be sure to follow me on Twitch and subscribe here on YouTube.

    2 PS'…(1) To everyone who watched my animations and have been sticking with me as long as you have I thank you as well. I still plan on making more so no worries there, but I've branched off into game development for two reasons. One I love games lol and two I have to find another way to grow the channel. Maybe this is it? Maybe it isn't. Still giving it a shot. (2) I won't lie I got teary-eyed multiple times editing this video lol.

    Last but not least all of InuYasha's rights and property clearly belong to Rumiko Takahashi. I'm just a creative mind that saw that the world was missing something. Would love to work with Ms. Takahashi in the future if things go well. Well, back to work.

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