Does Ryzen 7 REALLY suck for gamers?

This has been a crazy week so far when it comes to Ryzen… but let’s talk about whether or not it sucks for gaming…

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Does Ryzen 7 REALLY suck for gamers? | JayzTwoCents



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  1. ADM Ryzen 7 2700X High-end RGB Game Computer
    Is that good voor gaming?

  2. I still got R7 2700 and it is a dream of a cpu

  3. Hi. people! who among of you is upgrading to Ryzen 7 from ryzen 5? can you donate me your old one? bcos I can’t afford anything…. please please I badly need one for my engineering course. mail me at if you’re interested helping mee! Thanks!!!

  4. hi I am considering either a 3200g (w/o graphic card) or a 3600 (with asus r5 230 or zotac gt710). I don't intend to game with the setup. just gonna use it as a daily PC as well as a HTPC playing HD and UHD content. which one will be better please? thanks

  5. I would like you to make a video indicating what to do and
    what not to do to change an AMD Ryzen Processor without damaging the processor
    pin. The thing is that, this has happened to many people including me. I have
    an AMD 7 1700X and it damaged when I was going to sell the processor in order
    to buy another one. The processor got stuck into the cooler and ejected bending
    many pins.

    I really didn’t turn the cooler, the computer was already turned
    off for several hours before I tried to take it out. I live in the Dominican
    Republic and now I don’t have the money to buy the processor.

    My email is:
    if you have any ideas on what to do and what not to do to damage an AMD Ryzen processor
    you can email me. Notwithstanding, I wish you could make a video with this
    case. I know that many people will appreciate it.

  6. Since im just pure shit at pcs if someone reads this could y’all tell me if this pc would be any good to get for newer games xD thanks for the replys when ever ^_^

  7. well, this video was bull shit !!!! how many gamers, NON YOUTUBERS OR STREAM are running liquid-cooled 2 graphics card set up ……..NOT MANY

  8. I just got a 2700 for gaming cause I'm not gonna be able to buy another computer for like 10 years and, woth current trends, I think games will start using 8 cores within the next 5 years

  9. it's been 3 years
    does it still relevance now?
    AMD 4000 series are coming

  10. This looks so wrong in 2020 after 3 years where AMD is the best CPU bang for the buck

  11. more cores typically means better performance. typically…

  12. Im just jealous for other pc tbh. Cause good or decent pc here in ph are expensive.

  13. Fanboys on either side are stupid AF. buy what suits your needs

  14. Although I have a i9 build, i7’s aren’t that bad. My cousin currently has one and he’s enjoying it so far. He averages about 90-110 fps on epic settings. (Fortnite)

  15. The Ryzen 7 2700 has 20 PCIe lanes- 16 lanes for a gfx card and 4 lanes for storage. The 4 lanes for storage can either go all- in on an NVMe or it gets split if you connect a SATA device to it, like an SSD, and severely cripple your NVMe performance. Leave nothing connected to SATA or SATA express and your NVMe will scream.

  16. This is why I still haven't upgraded my 2700x

  17. Well this didnt age well

  18. Here we are in 2020 with the new 3990x that absolutely shreads not one but TWO $40,000 xenon intel chips. For 4 grand. Intel gotta drop there prices or they are gonna be gone soon.

  19. I'm here in 2020 and I can tell you this CPU is still good. I just built it with my system and i'm only running a GTX 1060 6GB and my games are twice as fast then a quad core. Once I upgrade my graphics card it will be even more smooth. It's not a bad CPU for beginners looking for a first built and learning the ropes. Because computer building does have a skill cap to some extent.

  20. Sorry AMD does suck … all the good CPU,s that INTEL has especially released in 2018-2019 and this year no major tech youtubers are even reviewing at alll ,why well intel didn't send them the cpu for free reference i3 9100F 100$ – i5 9400F 155$ – i7 8700B 300$ – i7-6950x 10 cores 20 threads 350$ – and the new Xeon platinum,Gold,Silver,bronze absolutely no reviews from any popular youtubers because they aint free and they kick AMD,s ass hard but AMD sure sends you guys free CPU,s all the time ……..

  21. any issues on ryzen 7 2700x for 3ds max vray ? ……… I have

  22. I just picked up a new ryzen 7 2700x for $120 at my Micro center 😊

  23. i want that wallpaper lol. 4:15

  24. ryzen 7 2700u the worst cpu ever it cant even run minecraft on lower settings!!!!!!!! I GOT SCAMMED!

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