Doraemon handsome version

What happen if Nobita and friends become beautiful boys and girls
Let’s see Doraemon handsome version
This is Doraemon with other drawing style
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Nobita is Harem king? :
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  1. tên jaian viết sai òi

  2. All are best❤❤❤

  3. Suneo and dekisugi love it..

  4. 0:52 which one? Rich? Intelligent? Kind? OR Strong? ;-);-);-) but damn why Gian is so hot here ?

  5. Now I got a crush on Dekisugi!! 😍😍😂

  6. Ai thich Nobita xuka dekisuku diem danh

  7. What is the background music name? I badly in love with it!

  8. Ơ….cạn lời

  9. Well… I'm fallin for the same Nobita whom I thought as dumb!!!!

  10. のびた?!かっこい!ありがと!They look stunning!

  11. Can someone say f.ucking English here!

  12. …nobita looked gay as fuck in the first one..

  13. doremon ze thuong ma dien zai nua

  14. cai nay co phai goi la ''day thi thanh cong'' ko?

  15. Woa dep trai qua xuka ko co

  16. 1:00 đôraemon dễ thw quá=))

  17. The 4 boys look like F4 😃😃😝😁

  18. Nhìn mặt doraemon nham hiểm quá

  19. Ông thầy thành soái lão rồ à

  20. This guy has got some more drawing styles..

  21. Nobita and Dekisugi are so best

  22. I like suneo and doraemon but doraemon in anime……

  23. thế éo nào nô lại là thụ ,em nhìn nó như vừa công vừa thụ ấy
    ( mà nhìn trong version nào cũng chuẩn dekisugi đẹp hơn nô ? °v°)

  24. Nhìn bức nao cũng thấy nobita thụ thụ sao ấy😂😂

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