Electro Shock Challenge w/ EGORAPTOR

There’s ELECTRICITY in the air with another heart-stopping challenge with Egoratpro!
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  1. Arin: I have a feeling i'm gonna fail everytime.
    Me: You know there's a such thing as Markiplier right?

  2. in the description mark calls arin egoraptpro

  3. Is it just me or is Matt's hair weird?

  4. It’s too bad he couldn’t find the 3 shock button. I have this game. That’s epic—only the first person after the music stops doesn’t get shocked.

  5. Matt and Ryan edited the video and it’s pretty obvious

  6. ryan magee and matt watson from supermegan???

  7. Wow, remember when I first saw this years ago and had no idea who Arin was? Weird times.

  8. Mark, you should be on guest grumps

  9. Before SuperMega was SuperMega

  10. 3:41 me when I get a coupon for 50 cents off my next can of Campbell's Soup

  11. 2:26 It took three turns before trust was lost.

  12. Arin Matt and Ryan need to go on Unus Annus

  13. I forgot Mark had a blue hair phase.. until I watched this recommended video today. Thanks, youtube.

  14. When you watch this in 2020 and get all sad and emotional because you remember the situation with Mark, these guys and….Daniel 😭😭😭💙❤💙❤💙❤

  15. 5:28 At this moment, Egoraptor fully transformed into the Arin we now know

  16. since when was ryan homeless

  17. I think this was markipliers worst year

  18. "Im LIKE a gamer, im not actually a gamer"😂

  19. How are they pressing it the millisecond it stops

  20. godd i wish matt wasnt gay…

  21. Greetings from 2020! My how times have changed! (Where's Dan and Ethan?!)

  22. I love the sympathy pain from everyone else at 5:46

  23. Mark's hair is brighter than my future

  24. I thought this would a 'Whos more likely too' shock game


  26. Mark: 2020 IM NOT A MASOCHIST!!!


  27. Matt: Im the only one who hasnt been shocked '0' :))

    Mark: Yeah, well we'll fix that >:)

    5seconds later

    Mark: Gets shocked THIS IS BULL!!

  28. Y does the sound on the toy sound like spongebob song kind of

  29. Mark-I-am-not-a-masochist-plier

  30. Hearing arin on marks channel is like hearing your own recorded voice

  31. Look up "Markipler Shock" and see how many times Mark has let himself be shocked

  32. Why is arin so angy

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