FFXIV Combat Too Slow? (FFXIV: Heavensward | 1080p | PC)

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Final Fantasy XIV Combat has been a concern for some newer players. FFXIV combat is often described as being slow paced at lower levels of the game. I try to explain the reasoning behind FFXIV combat. Does the Global Cool Down GCD get faster at some point? Does the combat get better at max level?
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  1. Just finished my 2 months subscription (~360 hours)
    Played mostly ass a White Mage and Ninja. The combat for questing/leveling was quite boring in any classes, especially White Mage. (In my opinion)
    The reason I stayed was: Raids, the community and the stunning scenery behind the No.2 Type B Leggings/Viera Pantalettes.

  2. This combat murders me. I can't stand the pace of it.

  3. a year ago Aion introduced ability to cap attack speed and it instantly made mass scale pvp unplayable due to CPU overload from all that info it had to process, so long globabal cooldoown helping with FPS

  4. My issue with all of these is just the standing still bit. Whether you play a melee class or a caster every video is the same with some guy standing way back still or right up close still and once in a while they scoot to the side to avoid an aoe or to pick a different target. THAT is what people mean by slow. It's not about the gcd so much as the not doing anything whatsoever aside from hitting skill buttons while moving once per fight

  5. You can’t have it all.. on 1 hand we have an awesome game ,by far the greatest community I’ve ever seen in an mmo everyone is so kind and funny ..but the combat system.. I just can’t .. it’s way too slow and too stagnant .. and I’m sad to not play it anymore but I just couldn’t with the slow tab target combat system ..on the other we have Blade and soul , okay story , beautiful animation and scenery 1 trilion character customization options ,WORST community the mmo world has EVER seen.. everyone is so toxic and rude and THE BEST combat system I’ve ever had the pleasure to play with .. if ffxiv has BnS combat system it would be the best game on earth hands down.

  6. if you compare the combat system to BDO, its just not even close. BDO has the sickest combat system, but I hate the content of the game. If their was another game with bdo combat, but better content it would dominate.

  7. liked the video but fell asleep watching the combat. It's not just slow, its also uninteresting and the animations basically restart, pause, lock you in place, charge, then cast some sort of light… There is no flow, no active aiming, no interesting animations. If your not a fan of lights instead of character animation and quirky Japanese story telling its hard to get into this game.

  8. "around Level 50 it starts speeding up…" ouch, takes some time

  9. This is the problem… The game completely changes at level 60. It's too much.
    If they want to make new people playing they have to revamp the low level gameplay.
    Doing the SAME rotation as a LNC/DRG from 1-50 is extremely boring, it's bad. That's just one example.

  10. Is there a single MMorpg that isn't for casual players anymore? idc who you are 1 second was bad enough in wow. League of legends DOESN'T. HAVE. GLOBAL. COOLDOWNS. Nigga until you've gotten that triple kill with a shy combo which is about 20 different commands in the span of 2 seconds, NOT AN EXAGGERATION, I don't want you acting like this 2.5 second gcd isn't some pussy footer shit.

  11. There are two types of gameplay in ff14: a mind-numbingly slow grind repeating the same button combinations over and over and over until it ends and you dont get anything … or you have no idea what's going on, because this is the first time doing it, you're forced to skip all cutscenes because nobody waits, you beat it anyway despite dying 10 seconds in and then and sit and read for 30 minutes.

  12. When you get haste buff the global cooldown is reduced by a lot (alternative method to materia)

  13. So… it's only slow combat when you compare it to every other game? Using the excuse that the combat is slow for console is ridiculous as so many other mmorpgs are out for xb1 etc. and the combat is ~10x faster. I just watched a 7min vid (@2x speed cause it too was slow af) where the main character stands completely still using 1 ability ''Heavy Shot' while standing next to ~5 other players standing completely still, all of which appeared to be also spamming a single ability.

  14. I’ve never played a game like this before, and I just recently bought it. However I’ve only played for like 20 minuets so far, and I’m just trying to find my way around town. I look at this combat, and it’s so overwhelming. Is this game really as complicated as I think it’s gonna be?

  15. Not a single point on damage being the major issue as to why combat is slow. F –

  16. Even the char run speed is SLOW

  17. its soooo slow i just got the game and i just cant get over how boring and slow low levels are

  18. i stopped playing because the combat is too slow they should turn this game into a hack and slash mmorpg Fast passed AF, were having real skill matters, also the classes…. fuck classes i mean ffxiv has done a good job with it but i just really would have liked a system where i could pick my own abilities/make my own character CLASS and play my way…. the rest is actually FINE its just the battle system wich sucks major ballsack

  19. After playing Black Desert and Dragon's Dogma… I just can't play any other RPG or MMO. Their combat systems were just SO DAMN FLUID AND BEAUTIFUL! But I'm definitely gonna give this game a try.

  20. I don't have a problem with the 2.5 second global cooldown.
    I have a problem with the incredibly lack of skills at early levels.
    I just started playing the game for the first time the other week. And I am level 15 now, and I only have 4 skills. Four. That is just stupid.
    I was about to quit the game entirely. But you just saved this game's ass. I am giving it another chance for another 10 or 20 levels.

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