(FFXIV) Complete Settings Guide: System Configuration

Shade’s Guide to Final Fantasy XIV’s System Configuration menu.
This video covers every setting in the entire menu (as of patch 5.2) in the PC version of the game.
There is a LOT of information here, so please let me know if you have any questions!

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★★★ Video Timeline ★★★

(00:00) INTRO

(01:45) Main Display
(01:55) Screen Mode
(03:00) Resolution
(04:15) High Resolution UI Settings
(04:35) Default UI Size
(04:55) Full Screen Mode Gamma Correction
(05:15) Character Lighting
(05:25) Frame Rate
(07:00) Limit frame rate when client is inactive
(07:25) Limit FPS when away from keyboard

(07:45) ★ SOUND SETTINGS ★
(07:45) Play sounds when window is not active
(09:10) Play music when mounted
(09:25) Enable normal battle music
(09:40) Enable city-state BGM in residential areas
(10:05) Play system sounds while waiting for Duty Finder
(10:20) Listening Position
(10:35) Volume Settings
(11:40) Player Effects Volume
(12:00) Equalizer

(12:40) Enable wet surface effects
(12:50) Disable Rendering of objects when not visible (Occlusion Culling)
(13:25) Use low-detail models on distant objects (LOD)
(14:45) Real-time Reflections
(15:10) Edge Smoothing (Anti-aliasing)
(15:25) Transparent Lighting Quality
(15:45) Grass Quality
(16:05) Parallax Occlusion
(16:25) Tessellation
(16:40) Glare
(16:55) Map Resolution
(17:10) Shadows
(17:20) Use low-detail models on shadows (LOD)
(17:50) Shadow Resolution
(18:10) Shadow Cascading
(18:25) Shadow Softening
(18:45) Texture Filtering
(18:55) Anisotropic Filtering
(19:20) Movement Physics
(20:10) Naturally darken the edges of the screen (Limb Darkening)
(20:20) Blur the graphics around an object in motion (Radial Blur)
(20:55) Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
(21:25) Glare
(21:55) Water Refraction
(22:15) Enable depth of field (cutscenes)
(22:50) Optimization tips

(24:30) ★ MOUSE SETTINGS ★
(24:30) Allow resolution changes via mouse drag
(24:55) Limit mouse operation to game window
(25:20) Mouse Camera Sensitivity
(25:35) Expanded Mouse Functionality Settings

(26:20) Enable gamepad
(26:25) Device
(26:40) Gamepad Type
(26:50) Keep gamepad enabled when client is inactive
(27:00) Enable vibration
(27:20) Enable [L1]+(L) auto-run
(27:45) Enable window zoom via (R3)
(28:15) Enable text pasting with [L1]+[R1]
(28:35) Analog Stick Sensitivity
(29:10) Enable virtual mouse
(29:30) Calibration
(29:45) Button Configuration

(30:40) ★ THEME SETTINGS ★

(30:55) ★ OTHER SETTINGS ★
(31:00) Screenshot Format
(31:15) Screenshot Folder
(31:20) Time Before Auto-AFK
(31:35) Character and Object Quantity
(32:00) Open Windows
(32:15) Cutscene Audio
(32:40) Switch to idling camera when auto-AFK activates
(33:00) Switch online status to Camera Mode while active

(33:20) Enable visual alerts
(33:30) Enable color filtering

(34:00) OUTRO

★ Video Credits

♪ Music ♪
– “Omen” (Final Fantasy VI) – Nobuo Uematsu
– “Desert Land” (Final Fantasy Tactics) – Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata
– “Land of Dwarves” (Final Fantasy IV) – Nobuo Uematsu
– “The Returners” (Final Fantasy VI) – Nobuo Uematsu
– “Apoplexy” (Final Fantasy Tactics) – Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata
– “Where the Heart Is” (Final Fantasy XIV) – Masayoshi Soken
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– “Battle” (Final Fantasy VI) – Nobuo Uematsu
– “Under the Stars” (Final Fantasy Tactics) – Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata
– “Kingdom of Baron” (Final Fantasy IV) – Nobuo Uematsu
– “Terra’s Theme” (Final Fantasy VI) – Nobuo Uematsu

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  1. Hey, Shade, at 17:26, you talked about "Use Low Detail Models on Shadows." I found a bit of activity change when I had shadows enabled; it reduces the detail, thus the thickness, of shadows. That, at least, is what I see it doing. Hence, it may boost performance a wee bit.

  2. Non-player here, although I don't play (not yet hehe) I HATH INCREEEEEASED MY KNOWLEDGE ON SETTINGS

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time. I use to think most of that display was just dependent on my TV. Super useful info on my end. I and Exclusively Console. I would very much appreciate a console version of this if it is not already done. I plan to get a new tv here soon. So I was hooping the best setting to performance on the latest TV.

  4. Damn what a great video, the amount of time put into this really shows. I feel bad that this didn't get a lot of views, but not many people care to optimise their settings I guess. Keep up the amazing videos!

  5. Thanks for the great video, even as a non-new player. Can't imagine the amount of work that went into making this. Your motives must have been… complex.

  6. Hey! So first off….you are an immense dork…and I love it! Kudos on the quality of the video and the informative nature! Kept me interested.

    That said, I'm having a bit of an issue with my FPS. It's 8. Not 80…8. 8 FPS…no matter what I do, no matter what settings I tweak.. I mean, it sometimes goes up to 10, but it's mainly 8 or 9. I've no clue what I'm doing wrong. I recently downloaded the Free Trial from Steam…which took a LONG time to update…thanks Verizon…and all I wanna do is play a Lalafell. They kyoot.
    In any case, can you possibly offer any advice?

  7. Mouse tracking is for people who have a hard time following where the mouse cursor is when it moves or if they are trying to find it. A trail like this is also a feature Windows itself has.

  8. This is an incredibly useful video. I started playing on PS3 way back in 2013, so anything from there has always felt like an upgrade. I always would run the game at around 43ish fps on PC because the game can just be so pretty, and turning some stuff off really hurts the look of the game. Seeing exactly what each setting does has helped me push my settings to 53ish fps so I'm already happy I can keep the game pretty and just improving my fps a bit 😀

  9. Hey, THANK YOU very much! Very much appreciated.

  10. That you for this guide!

  11. Great video, thanks for the help!

  12. This is a really good video, but I have one criticism that viewers who came here for a better understanding of the graphics settings menu should keep in mind: This guy has a good graphics card, and different graphics cards can be better or worse at different things. An option that he describes as being "only a minor hit to performance" on his RX 5700XT or whatever might be worth a LOT more on your GTX 960 (or whatever). Not saying you should totally disregard what he's saying; he does a good job of explaining what everything does, and gives generally good advice. Just that you should take what he says more as general guidelines, and go in there yourself to play around with your settings and see what works best for you.


  14. Let's be honest here, you just wanted to show of that stupid sexy Roegadyn!
    Thanks for the Video tho, I was fiddling around with various settings too just to never really notice some changes, which you then pointed out here (which are that minor in that case) and some of the other sub settings, that I never really noticed / found, because FF XIV's Game Settings are quite hard to find from time to time.

  15. Small note for cutscene audio, it also changes the language enemies speak in combat. You can even change it mid fight.

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