Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing from Windows 10

Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing from Windows 10

If you are having problems with realtek audio driver then this video is for you. Sometimes your Realtek HD Audio Manager can have a issue after a windows update, sometimes uninstalling the driver with revo uninstaller and then reinstalling will resolve the issue. Follow these step by step guide on fixing / repair Realtek HD Audio Manager.

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  1. I tried the last step where I found the file location od audio manager and clicked on it to open, but it doesn't open. It loads for few sec's and then nothing.
    So I still cant open audio manager! pls help me out

  2. Help! i don't have sound effects on my realtek manager

  3. Thank you so much this video clips made my sounds back!

  4. You're a legend. My audio was working but it was joining the two sound streams from the front port and back port together and I had to physically pull one to swap. Running the exe service and the app allowed me to change the setting. Thanks man

  5. Thank you! That was such a good explanation of how to fix this problem. The chat sites I've been to didn't have any real fixes or had people taking so many steps that didn't work. This one worked for me and was so easy to do. Again, thank you!

  6. its missing from the computer this video is stupid as shit, if its missing we cant click on it dumbass, what a stupid video!

  7. Reasons I can't stand Windows 10: Nothing works unless you tell it to!! Should have stuck with Windows 7!

  8. Hi Brian, I recently switched from windows 7 to windows 10 , and now I have no sound equalization. In windows 7 it was simple, right click speaker, then properties, then enhancements, then sound equalization and that was it. I have a playlist on soundcloud that I like to play and without equalization I have to adjust volume at every song. I tried all of your suggestions and I just cant download that Realtek driver, All I need is for the songs on my playlist to play at same volume level. I there a different kind of software I can download or buy to get sound equalization.
    Thank you

  9. It deleted it self from my computer


  11. He does it really quick at the beginning, but right click on the Start button, then choose Search, and type in "Control Panel". The Realtek app should be listed in the Control Panel.

  12. Well this is useless for me, I don'y have realtek high definition audio in device manager.

  13. On "the select the device driver you want to install for this hardware" page. I have 3 Realtek HD Audio versions. When i pick one, Windows ask me if i will continue becaus it can't check if it is compatible and possible could harm my pc even stops working completely? So i am scared to continue.

  14. My rog strix gaming f b450 is refusing to recognize the front audio jack, i uninstalled the Realtek downloaded it again and now it's not showing up…

  15. There is the installation folder where you have the setup, there is the RtkNGUI64 file, after installation this is the audio manager file that works, you can even cut out of that folder and replace it in the realtek HDA folder, program files, or put in any other folder.

  16. Bravo, and thank you so much for this helpfull video

  17. I can’t hear anything but its picking up the audio, ive looked at the volume and its up, its detecting the headphones, and its detecting sound, but nothing coming out

  18. omg bro huge life saver i thought i just lost all the audio out my front ports

  19. Hello I Installed Realtek HD Audio Manager to my laptop and i decided to delete it but i couldnt delete it what can I do?

  20. Bruh i accidentally deleted it from my computer and now my headphone jack doesn't work and I can't get it back for some reason.

  21. I have the files from realtek in the described directory, but the programs inside don't seem to do anything. Even the services don't show up in task manager, I'm not even getting any error messages. I've even tried to run as administrator, does absolutely nothing.

  22. At 7:14 mine say .dll not .exe is that a problem?

  23. W10 and professional Audio usage is a clear nogo, to much problem, to much interference from the os
    it works with 5.1 film .. but never try to get multichannel soundcards working for mixing

  24. I have no idea how I fixed this if If I'll be honest. Maybe the update #2 worked, however when this was done Audio manager wouldn't appear nor even open when browsing the folder. Then the cab file sollution was really confusing, because you never told us how to install them properly. I was on the verge of giving up so I took desperate actions. Downloaded the Audio manager exe file manually. I moved original file to the other folder (so it could be preserved during the replacement). Still though, it didn't work, didn't run. So I returned the original file once again into the folder. And guess what? I clicked on it and it started working again, it opened the manager!. I have never been so confused in all my life. Then I clicked that Ravcpl64 and now it's on Control Panel again. (It's like the only thing it required for me is to move the file from the folder and return it again. I have not known stranger days)

  25. lol why do u sound like 3kliksphilip

  26. big thanks to you sir its working saluteeeee!!!

  27. Can this work on windows 10 pro?

  28. top man being trying to fix this for ages working now thanks

  29. This worked for me. I went into device manager and found realtek HD audio under sound, right-clicked for properties, chose to update the driver using the drivers located on my computer. I found that I had a few different sets of drivers. The 2019 drivers did not work, but I also had 2016 drivers which did work. This brought the Realtek HD Audio Manager back into my control panel. Thanks for your help.

  30. i have the file you have but none of them say exe at the end and when i try to run as administrator it still wont pop up.

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