Futurama 100% – Full Game Walkthrough / Longplay (PS2)

Detonado / Walkthrough / Playthrough / Gameplay / Longplay (PS2)

– All Levels ; All Nibblers ; All Cutscenes ; All Bosses ; Credits

01:00 LEVEL 01: Planet Express
14:30 LEVEL 02: Sewers
32:30 LEVEL 03: Subway
42:00 LEVEL 04: Old New York
01:00:30 LEVEL 05: Red Light District
01:14:50 LEVEL 06: Uptown
01:24:40 LEVEL 07: New New York
01:32:25 LEVEL 08: Weasel Canyon
01:56:00 LEVEL 09: Run Bender, Run
01:58:03 LEVEL 10: The Mine Facility
02:07:12 LEVEL 11: Red Rock Creek
02:13:43 LEVEL 12: The Junkyard
02:21:53 LEVEL 13: Rumble in the Junkyard
02:32:20 LEVEL 14: Market Square
02:40:38 LEVEL 15: Left Wing
03:03:48 LEVEL 16: Right Wing
03:28:45 LEVEL 17: Temple Courtyard
03:36:05 LEVEL 18: Inner Temple
04:02:12 LEVEL 19: Bogad Swamp Trail
04:07:50 LEVEL 20: Bender’s Breakout
04:18:07 LEVEL 21: Leela’s Last Laugh
04:25:55 LEVEL 22: Fry Fights Back
04:40:15 CREDITS!

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  2. Fucking spoiler below because cunts are tucking weeholes

  3. Knowing how Futurama ends…I can't argue their decision to have the ending cycle back to allow the story to continue without paradox.

    however, it just kinda made the final scene a bit…awkward. Like there was no real way for the game to end. Still, looks like it was mostly an enjoyable ride. A decent platformer kind of game for the ps2 era. Their comedy was arguably on point. Story seemed genuine enough. I think the biggest gripe I would have had, and do have watching it, is the consistent talking upon picking something up. Be it the standard collectables for extra live or the nibblers. Enemies I can see wanting to comment seeing you – but for the main trio to consistently comment on the item they were picking up (With Leela sometimes using her tornado kick Whoop loop on getting a gold bar rather than her special attack) it just got grating after a while. To me anyway. All in all though, seemed like a good experience.

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