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The Galaxy S 4 Active is Samsung’s water- and dust-resistant companion to its 2013 flagship Android superphone. But do these durability enhancements come at too great a cost? Find out in our video review, then stay tuned for our in-depth written impressions in our Galaxy S 4 Active Quick Review, available at Pocketnow on 27 June 2013!

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Galaxy S 4 Active Review | Pocketnow



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  1. This was my first android. One of my favorite phones

  2. 2018 ,my dream phone class 7 th smartphones but dream comes true to get s9 plus 128 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  3. Its same as normal s4 but bulletproof xd

  4. I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 active but it's not water proof no more…
    Edit: it's just like yours and it's cracked… Yeah

  5. Im watching these in 2018 😀.

  6. you can give the information about the battery of the samsung galaxy s4 active with image of battery

  7. Mine is 32GB Storage, Model number of SHV-E470S, Screen is burning and 1.8GB of RAM.

  8. who is watching this on 2017?

  9. i wanted this phone so badly when it got released

  10. thanks for the Samsung galaxy S4 active how about screen shots is it possible to make like others Samsung .

  11. still s4 active is good as a 100$ phone now ? should i buy it or not ? i need a cheap phone as my budget is low..does it have aany heating issue or battery drain issue if I buy new ??

  12. I would rather the basic galaxy s4 with a lifeproof case

  13. Is it me or does Michael Fisher look like Mr. Mobile? 😅

  14. salamat po nauto nyo ako ..Mga bwisit kayo at samsung so weak nagblocked out yung sakin worst gadget I ever had in my life …..

  15. It's not active at all is it?

  16. I've a problem to get any of its accessories in egypt anyone know where i can get any easily

  17. So it's not active then is it

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