A playthrough of Capcom’s 1989 license-based action-adventure game for the NES, Willow. Capcom’s Willow for the NES, not to be confused with the excellent yet totally different arcade platformer, is one of my favorite action RPGs on the NES. It follows a lot of the trends set by the originalContinue Reading

#Khóii #OMG3Q #Khoii ———————————– Tổng hợp video về tựa game OMG 3Q, Hướng dẫn, Review, tướng OMG 3Q. Đăng ký kênh để mình có thêm động lực tạo ra các video hay phục vụ mọi người và bấm chuông để nhận những video mới nhất nhé :))) ———————————– Đăng KíContinue Reading

Tracklist: 0:00 -Burden to Bear – Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII 1:33 -The Meditation of Many Years – Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria 4:36 -Sulyya Springs – Final Fantasy XIII 7:57 -Lulu´s Theme – Final Fantasy X 11:44 -Heal – Ico 13:19 -Neighboring Infinity – Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria 16:02 -SpiritContinue Reading

520 in 1 Game: UK – US – Thank you for watching! Check out links below: Equipment I use: – TOOL KIT: – Camera: – Lens: – Small Camera: – Tripod: – Vlogging Tripod: – Small Vlog Tripod: – Old Camera Mic: – Drone: – Drone Remote: – Microphone –Continue Reading

Have a PhD? Wanna pretend you have a PhD? Then this is the shirt for you!! ► Sketches originally aired with: Mario Maker PART 54 ► Shovel Knight Co-Op PART 7 ► Skylanders Superchargers PART 7 ► “Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049,” “Canon inContinue Reading

We go head to head in a Christmassy rhyming battle of the BANTS! FREE SIGNED XMAS CARD WITH SWEATER – Also 10% off all Merch with code: REINDEER Also our DVD with great scratchy case is out now!! Subscribe for a free holiday to the beach with the Queen :Continue Reading