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A complete playthrough of Renovation’s 1991 Sega Genesis action platformer, El Viento. Played through on the default settings. I LOVE this game. It’s easily the best of the three-part Annet series (Earnest Evans wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t particularly awesome, and Annet Futatabi… well, the less said, the better). It’sContinue Reading

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There is Game winning shots but there is game winning free throws they are unnotice because they are boring but they determine games and helps decide who wins and who dosent. Here are the shots James Harden game winning free throw Nene game winning free throws Lance Thomas game winningContinue Reading

Minecraft is a pretty simple game, but can survival mode be beaten with a Wii remote? Background music: Great Days by Joakim Karud If you enjoyed, feel free to like the video and subscribe B) —————IMPORTANT LINKS————— Sponsor the channel: Second channel: My discord: Tournament discord: Texture pack: —————SOCIAL MEDIA—————Continue Reading

Flawlessly clearing every layout of the Winchester shooting game without the help of any items. There are 15 layouts in total (of which 5 were added with AG&D). I also included my personal difficulty ratings for them all. If you’re wondering how long it took me to find them all,Continue Reading