[Gungeon] Every Winchester shooting game aced

Flawlessly clearing every layout of the Winchester shooting game without the help of any items. There are 15 layouts in total (of which 5 were added with AG&D). I also included my personal difficulty ratings for them all.
If you’re wondering how long it took me to find them all, I spent about 5 hours checking ~150 floors total. With the help of a few mods, namely Magic Smoke, Rocketmod and the Gungeon seed mod it wasn’t very hard, just repetitive.
The skin you see me use in the video is one I made myself. Just a simple colorswap though.
Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Every spaghetti time I have to do a winchester, I came here

  2. Oh come on don’t have to brag

  3. Какой ты потный чел! Респект

  4. This isn’t related but one time on boss rush I had lvl 60 gunderfury and had helix bullets ,scatter,ancient heroes bandana and double vision on rainbow mode.

  5. fuck this, i'll just get flying

  6. Thank you a thousand, got me the seven leafed cover!!!

  7. Wait so there's technically no timer to this? If there never was then I'm such a dumbass for thinking so.

  8. I want to be publicly executed to this sped up version of the mini game song

  9. I hate this stupid ass mini game

  10. I got all 4 targets and accidentally fell in the hole at half a heart. What a day.

  11. This is the most bullshit part of the game. Putting an unlock behind beating this bullshit perfectly 3 times.

  12. Wow fantastic, i win 0 times a Winchester Game ahahah. It's easier to finish the game than a Winchester game 😅😅😅

  13. Lol i tried one time and forget of dropping the helix bullets, somehow i destroyed all of them

  14. This will be a nice guide for whenever i find them. Thanks!

  15. Thank you for doing this.

  16. Finally looking up the solutions to these stupid games, currently on the one in the thumbnail with one target left, thanks! Knew this achievement was going to be the last…

  17. thank yoouuuuu. trying to unlock seven leaf

  18. Fuck these challenges, and fuck tying them to an achievement. RNG if I get them, and then I gotta pray I can ace it. Been short one and I'm so tired of it. I always get 3/4. I had one where the bullet just went through his face. God I was angry.

  19. Thank you for uploading these

  20. These are stupid difficult. I enjoy your runs because of the no commentary, keep it up

  21. 1-10 with 10 rating being the most difficult?

  22. Thank you for this!
    I finally got my trickshot achievement!

  23. What mod did you use to have curse and coolness on the HUD? That would be easily the best thing to have in this game.

  24. I'm quite new to the game and only have about 30 hours and was just thinking. I've come across these games twice, and was wondering if you can cheat them with wax wings or another item that gives you flight. Thanks!

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