Heartthrob – A Board with Life Bit

In today’s bit, Brittany and Jonathan relive the horrors of adolescence by playing Heartthrob with a friend.

The commercial we spoofed:

Special thanks to Flip Florey and the Flip the Table podcast for lending us the game! If you haven’t heard of them, check them out. They’re awesome. Here’s their site:

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Music By: Big Giant Circles

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  1. I had this game. . . And Girl Talk and Dream Phone and Mall Madness. I had terrible taste in games when I was a preteen. Stupid hormones.

  2. I love that Jonathan was in this 😛

  3. 0:42 i could watch that all day

  4. Relax people, it's a spoof. check the link. Awesome Scary Face D: 

  5. that was not funny.  It's going to give me nightmares.  hehe…

  6. That face came outta nowhere and scared the buhjesus outta me.

  7. mmmm that was just…. not good. Lets leave this kind of stuff to SNL or something.

  8. Woah Brittany totally pulled off a crazy Joker face!

  9. I've been a flip the table podcast fan and and board with life fan for a while, so this was epically awesome!

  10. So… while the bit is funny, watching the ad afterwards [which I didn't know before] is bafflingly sad. How was this ever a real ad?!

  11. Milton Bradley, you are bad people.

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