Ho Chi Minh City Market – Let's Explore

Join me for a visit to the Tan My Market, one of the most interesting local markets in Ho Chi Minh City. Most people that visit Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon for the first time end up at the Ben Thanh Market. Nothing wrong with that, it’s an interesting place too, one of the oldest markets in the country. But it left behind it’s traditional roots along time ago and today is geared almost exclusively to tourists. If you want a true authentic market experience, I mean where they still kill chickens to order, sell live fish, frogs, and other seafood out of tanks or aluminum trays, then head for the Tan My Market in District 7 or one of several traditional markets that still do business everyday in and around the greater Ho Chi Minh area. Not only will you be able to observe daily life in a neighborhood like this one, but you won’t be constantly asked if you want to buy a t-shirt, or coffee, or anything! In fact if you have any engagement at all with locals it will be the friendly warm welcoming that people in these neighborhoods exude, especially at the sign of a rare visit from a foreigner. If you do want to buy, most everyone will be happy to help you, and even though their English skills will be limited or non existent, they’ll still find a way to communicate. I also find in these markets that everyone is fairly honest, in fact I would be shocked if you weren’t given the local price everyone else gets. Thanks for watching! I would love to connect with you. Send me an email to john@fareasttravels.com. Please also follow me on any or all of the social media links on the front page. Also feel free to subscribe to my audio podcast:

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  1. It is amazing how quickly things have changed in Vietnam. I am hoping things go back to like this video shows. I love these local markets every thing so fresh.

  2. see, there is an art of opening a jackfruit 🙂

  3. best leeches come from the northern region of the country.

  4. best food and best representation of the middle class is in district 4, I think.
    District 7, you can see very poor to very rich neighborhoods.

  5. Your are one of my best love youtuber,love your video.

  6. I really like your street market videos in what ever Southeast Asia country. Great Stuff!!!

  7. I think your videos are very useful especially to us, not so young as the backpackers… but pretty much aventura freaks. It will be our second trip to Vietnam, but now we are going from HCMC up till Hanoi. Do you have some advice about Halong Bay?

  8. In a somewhat psychotic and masochistic way I actually miss the traffic in Saigon.

  9. What is the standard of food hygiene like ?
    What is the weather like in Saigon in Feb ?
    Great video 👍

  10. I'm visiting HCMC in a few months and the thought of crossing the street with traffic like that's freaking me out lmao. Great video, though.

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