How to fix error Sony Flashtool driver installation on Window 8 and Window 10

How to fix error Sony Flashtool driver installation on Window 8 and Window 10

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  1. I have Windows 10 and an Xperia z5 compact (docomo version) I can not get flashtool to see a device in flashmode. It gives me error messages about driver not installed. Yet I either don't know if I have the right driver or how to get it to install and finally work. The Xperia has Android 7 and all I want is to root it. Then I can turn off the camera shutter sound and remove some of the bloatware. I looked and could not find a setting to disable the camera sound and i know that in some countries they have some sort of law that requires that sound. I know if I had root privileges I could delete that sound file or replace it with a silent file if the device insists on playing something. As for the bloatware, if it wasn't in the system folder of all boneheaded places it could be uninstalled just as easily as a user installed app. I would love to see a phone on which there is no way to make bloatware a permanent part of the software. Facebook has no place on my devices either. I remember a time when some devices didn't have it or if they did it was easy enough to root and use Titanium Backup or something similar to remove it even though it normally would not be an option any other way.

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  9. I did not understand a single word but thanks to you I could install these drivers, finally. Thanks a lot.

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  14. thank you for video
    now i have a error
    Device connected in flash mode but driver is too old
    please help

  15. it was really helpful video for me thanx bro….

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  17. Perfeito! Funcionou perfeitamente no Windows 10.

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  23. Ty language was not a problem I did installation successful

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