How to Replace the HDD of an Asus S400CA with a SSD

In this video we will swap the HDD of an Asus S400CA with a Samsung 840 SSD.

Note that any Windows 8 supported backup utilities should also work. I have only used Paragon for demonstration purposes.

Cloning is a process that requires patience.


Approximate time to complete: 3-4 hours

Required Software:
– Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Home :
OR Paragon Backup & Recovery 2013 Free :

Required Hardware:
– SATA to USB (or HDD enclosure) : You will also need a SATA to USB converter to plug in your SSD to your ultrabook for the cloning process. You can use either a conversion cable that may have been included with your SSD purchase, or you can use an external hard drive enclosure.

Steps (Summary):
1. Plug in SSD via USB
2. Clone/Migrate HDD to SSD
3. Physically swap HDD with SSD
4. Bootup

Disclaimer: This process, if done incorrectly, may cause your computer to be unbootable via the replaced drive. Therefore, keep the old HDD just in case you need to swap it back in or if you need Asus Technical Support to service the computer. I am not responsible for any damages that may occur by this process.


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  1. Does anyone know if I can use a NVMe SSD instead of SATA on this laptop?? That is: Is there a PCI-e slot?
    As a side note: My Asus came with 6GB ram, I'm confused, did they add another 2GB ram on my empty slot or is it all soldered 6GB ram, any idea?

  2. Any idea if the R550C is a similar setup?
    Also, didn’t realise an SSD SATA connection was compatible with the standard SATA HDD connection port so learned something new there, thanks!

  3. Can i copy windows on a toshiba laptop to my asus laptop?cant copy on my asus laptop because it has faulty hdd

  4. My S400CA is still going strong. Thanks for the informative video! This is the second time I'm upgrading the drive and I'll use the free WD ACRONIS drive clone tool.

  5. good afternoon! I have an asus s400 notebook. I can put a ssd 480 gb

  6. does asus s400ca ca178h suport 480gb ssd?

  7. Hi, thanks for the video. I have a question, do I need to remove the battery during the process?

  8. Hey, is it possible with the "Asus eeebook e402ma-wx0001h" ? Thank you.

  9. Is that 24gb ssd a M2 slot?

  10. Great video! I followed this process exactly and got massive performance improvements–faster load time and better battery life, to be specific. 5 years in this machine looks like it could go forever.

  11. There is no good to the touch the HDD of the terminal

  12. theres no point to this! the human eye can only see 24MB per second

  13. Hi +CanadianDavid316 thanks for the video – it's really helpful.

    I have a question – if I choose a smaller SSD and hence do not choose the "Partition Raw Copy" option so that Paragon automatically resizes the partitions does this mean I am unable to use F9 for the ASUS recovery in the future? You say that the "Partition Raw Copy" option is the most ideal so I am wondering if I do not choose that option what the affects will be?

    Also, does anyone know if I am on Windows 10 (upgraded from 8) and I replace the HDD with SSD will my license be ok?

  14. Does this pc support Sata III interface?

  15. Thank you David, your video was very helpful !

  16. Thanks for making this David – I upgraded RAM and SSD today to bring my obsolete laptop up to speed!

  17. Can you also replace to 24 gb ssd that comes with the notebook?

  18. Hello pls replay ASAP. pls
    Those this laptop has a Built-in Ram?

  19. what if the used space of the hard drive is more than the ssd? what will happen to the files? like if the file used is 400gb ang the ssd space is only 160 gb?

  20. thanks for this tutorial. i have an x202e which is the same thing. i used this video to replace my wifi card. so now i have wifi AND bluetooth, now working on hackintosh, windows 10 and linux. thanks again buddy!

  21. Awesome video, I am ordering the samsung evo 850 256G right now on Amazon to do what you did.

  22. Very good tutorial,
    I follow all stepsmbut got a windows error 225 at boot. I solved using a rescue CD/usb from Macrium Reflect free edition. there is an option there to solve boot issues, just in case anyone got the same problem. Everything working fine now!

  23. Thanks for the video. Planning to swap my hdd to ssd, 1 mere question is the ram upgradable? Does it have 2 slots?

  24. Thank you for making this so easy. Just swapped my 500GB HDD runing Windows 10, for a Sandisk Ultra II 480GB SSD using EZGig IV.

  25. Hi @CanadianDavid316 
    Thank you for sharing the video, I replaced the old drive to the new SSD drive Intel 530 last year. Few months ago, I reinstalled windows 8.1 and I found that I accidentally format the other drive, which is Sandisk SSD 24GB. I know this drive is like a cache drive for the system, but my Asus S400CA is still working fine without it. The question is, if I setup it as a cache drive again, will my windows system work better? And should I remove it out of my laptop? Thank you.

  26. Is this almost the same as the Asus S500C?

  27. How do we know that our laptop will be able to upgrade from HDD drive to SSD? I own an Asus Vivo Ultrabook Q301LA. Will i able to follow these steps and replace my hdd to ssd?

  28. Hi, i have a problem, for two months i left my laptop off, last week i've trying to turn on and dont show me anything, for a seconds (2 or 3 maybe) the led of the hdd turn on but after that time go off, I try to enter the bios but didnt work, what can i do, i'll appreciate the help.

  29. how was the SSD drive connected during cloning

  30. Hey @CanadianDavid316  thanks for your video, can I just insert the SSD and then install clean windows from usb stick to avoid cloning?

  31. Great video reference for how to replace the data drive in the ASUS laptops.  I followed your video for my Vivobook X202E, and aside from some minor differences in the internals of the laptop, the process was essentially the same.

    I have done this twice for the X202E, which has one main partition.  The first time, I shrunk the partition as far as it would go, and used Disk2VHD to create an image of the whole drive.  The image (barely) fit on the SSD.  The second time, I just installed a clean copy of Windows, because the ASUS Smart Gesture software kept crashing.  It was a bit more work, but in the end the result was the same–a much faster laptop!

  32. Hello @CanadianDavid316 could you help me with this I need to replace the touch screen on my S400CA so if you know how to do that I will appreciate your help

  33. The new free paragon software doesn't have migration. Is there any other software I can use or maybe someone has a link to the version 12 that I need? Thanks! 

  34. Thanks for a good video – have to replace my HDD du to retrycerrors, Event 153. Now that itøs so simple, i dont' mind going ahead with the replacement even as the PC is still under warranty.

  35. how about on asus chromebox m115u … thanks

  36. Thnx alot big help, from Sweden!!!

  37. This is the way to go, although 120g will get full quickly.

  38. Did you use Vanilla, Evo or Pro? Also, did you do any BIOS updates before upgrading?

  39. Excellent video! It has been a year and it still works!

    I used Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 14 instead – copy disk function with the default settings from 500GB to 1TB Evo 840. Works like a treat. Looking out for the RAM dual channel upgrade now.

    How would I know if my 12GB RAM is not working to dual channel now?

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