How to uninstall Bytefence in Windows completely

Bytefence is a legitimate anti-malware which promises a full PC’s security. However, there are several doubts regarding this program revealed in this guide:

I It seems that the biggest issue related to Bytefence is that it has an ability to infiltrate systems via bundled downloads and various ads displayed on the web. It shows up right after the victim reboots computer and starts running a full system scan reporting about system problems.

If you have been struggling with its scanners, don’t get surprised as you are not the first one who cannot remember how this app infiltrated computer.

To help you fix your computer and remove Bytefence, we prepared this video guide.

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  1. I dont even know that this app is fucking automatically downloaded into my laptop,Thankyou for the comments that recommending to delete this app. And when im deleting this fcking app is so many FILES LIKE WTF it takes hr for me to uninstall it. Thanks again.

  2. Tysm! I couldn't install Gacha club! Now I can!

  3. 야발 진짜 죽는줄 알았다

  4. the day it automaticly got into my computer i saw it and was sure that it was a virus because
    1.i did not install it
    2.the name looks like a virus name
    3.i never saw the "virus" that they told me was here

  5. My teacher send me a file for online scholl and bytefence showed up . Thanks for helping me remove it.

  6. The my appears "Unistall and Restart the computer" and not restart. Can you help me?

  7. I installed an app and bytfence is on my computer. It won’t uninstall or let me close it. Help!

  8. Done subscribing, this vid awesome, it said on my PC virus detected and not allowed to down load because of this bytefence GRR

  9. What if it tells me to restart so it can sucessfully uninstall bytefence but it does nothing?

  10. ay thx I could not do anything with that virus

  11. thanks but i still have a shortcut for it even if the computer shows me that this program does not exist

  12. i just uninstalled it by control panel

  13. Thank you! I hope this works! It would pop up SOOO many times and I could barely handle it.

  14. i deleted it but its in my apps kategory. if i click to uninstall it it shows nothing what i have to do?

  15. It didnt work for me, it says it is "already uninstalled" but i have the local archives and i cannot get rid of them…

  16. so dumb if you want it remowe easy you need to end task and then remove and thats easier

  17. If this method didn’t work you can search on windows byte and it will show the program and pin it to start, after you pin it go press windows key and you will see it and right click it and go to file location and you can delete it from there. You might need to restart your computer after.

  18. Okay so I do all of these correctly, but the one difference is that instead of it saying (the byte fence programs btw) uninstall or cancel. It says Uninstall AND reboot or cancel.

  19. Im helping my friend speeding up his PC. I told him to uninstall it cuz he has like 5 antivirus programs. It takes forever to uninstall.

  20. thank you for helping me i was getting really scared that i have a virus that i cant remove.

  21. Its asking me to reboot to uninstall bytefence should i reboot?


  23. THIS DOESENT WORK even the IOBIT cant remove the exact files in program files

  24. Oh my god thanks you so much this program delete this shit with one click

  25. when i bought a new pc and open it,
    bytefence : corona virus detected

  26. i cant uninstall it because its not there
    but it keeps popping up

  27. thank youuuuuuu soooooo muchhhhh

  28. THANK U SO MUCH bytefence was so annoying especially when I am playing tf2

  29. my problem solved but tell me this is virus or not

  30. I really like this style of videos

  31. I’m hoping this fixes the lag

  32. This stupid piece of garbage malware is slowing down my google chrome and not letting me open windows defender

  33. thanks so muchhhhhhhhhh for this video you save me

  34. I wish you will make this app will be bankrupt! so guys don't install this app its a virus

  35. I really very very very hate bytefence so very much! when it appears it appears not responding and I want to delete it
    I wish it will be deleted!

  36. This Bytefence just showed up on my laptop during quarantine.

  37. THANK YOU SOO SO SO MUTCH. I was literally just installing a Minecraft mod and it came in a bundle. So annoying

  38. Thank u bc I was trying to buy the sims 4on origin and i bought it but i couldnt download the game and i tried many times they even suggested i get out of S mode and i did it so after a few hours i tried to get it for free and google gave me a suggestion of the game which was the website that downloaded stuff on my pc

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