Inuyasha: Battle of Naraku – MMORPG Anime Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Inuyasha: Battle of Naraku (犬夜叉-奈落之戰) – MMORPG Anime Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Inuyasha: Battle of Naraku (奈落之戰) is an official licensed mobile MMORPG based on Rumiko Takahashi’s fantasy manga Inuyasha. It is only available in Simplified Chinese.

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  1. Any idea for the release date???

  2. I waited for an Inuyasha gacha game for a long time. There was one on android some years ago but they deleted it. Any idea if we'll get an english version of this anytime soon?

  3. When is the release date?

  4. Why isn't the a PlayStation or Xbox game they need to make one its way past over due and wtf it's not even on the Google play store

  5. Yooooo these are insane graphics can’t wait for release

  6. It looks like bleach mobile game no?

  7. Can somebody PLEASE rip the 3d assets of this game.

  8. Thats funny u showing the gameplay but not showing how to actually get into the game and play it perfect just perfect

  9. … Not compatible with s7. Sigh.

  10. On IOS it says not available in your region what do I do?

  11. Why did inuyasha have the beaded necklace on when kagome pulled him from the tree?

  12. When can they have this in English so that we can go bankrupt??

  13. Lol, I dont remember Inuyasha running that long. He's impatient, so his technique is to jump across the minions to avoid long fights and then go straight to the boss. This is more like Naruto adaptation.

  14. 이거 아이폰으로는 아직 출시 안됬나요?? 검색했는데 안나오길래….

  15. Is there a way to change the language

  16. Please gimme link if you have short space required like 1.5 GB more to 2.5 GB to play this game

  17. Tidak tersedia di negara anda njirr 😔

  18. Best things 4 me when isee this video voice and sounds so good like anime …also iknowe my english dead

  19. amazing game but why ch v😣

  20. so this is where they are after OA event lol their own mobile game

  21. Game này bao giờ về vietnam vậy ad

  22. Bleach. . Naruto. . And now inuyasha. . .what about tokyo ghoul. . .😅

  23. Those mobile games are becoming more and more polished and fun to play if you ask me…

  24. Games nay mà có hỗ trợ tiếng Việt thì nhất rồi ^.^ tuổi thơ ùa về

  25. Please yar mare channel ka bahi subscribe kare da ya please please please please please Tre channel ka bahi subscribe kare da ya please please please support my channel please please

  26. All this licensed anime game looks the same

  27. More anime andriod gameplay like hunter x hunter,yuyu hakusho,bleach,slamdunk

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