Is 1st-Gen Ryzen Still Good? R5 1600 vs 2600, 3600

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  1. I can push my 5 1600 to 4ghz with 1.3v

  2. Ok, if I want to play 4k and I have gtx1080, does it worth the upgrade from my 1600?

  3. My 1700 at 3.9ghz @1.30 is still pretty good, using my 3950X at work makes me itch to upgrade but I am gonna wait to switch to Zen 3 I think or may wait for "AM5" processors.

  4. this guy always talks in lowercase

  5. My ryzen 5 1600 is free so still gonna use it

  6. Im building a pc for Warzone, Minecraft, and Fortnite (please don't make fun of me) is the Ryzen 5 1600 good for those games?

  7. Ouch. 1.41v on the 1600

    I thought I got a bad overclocker because my chip because mine needs to bump up to 1.35v to achieve the same

  8. Unless you have a 2080 or better there is no difference your going to be gpu limited

  9. 30% improvement, 100% more expensive

  10. I have the Ryzen 1600 and I get slightly better fps than shown, but i also do run into some issues here and there. I know it's not the best but it's not horrible. For sure got to get it for cheap. I'm looking at upgrading to the 3600 and wasn't sure if it would be worth spending $100…looks like it is.

  11. What do i do to stabilize the ram speeds? I just bought a ryzen 5 1600 with corsair ddr4 16g vengance ram…

    Also wouldnt a ryzen 5 1600 bottleneck with a 2080ti?
    Like in your tests?

  12. Well, bidding on a 2600 now with bent pins. I'll see what happens

  13. anyone here that still has 1st gen ryzen 1600 whom upgraded gpu to rx 5700(non xt) to pair with a 27inch 1440p 144hz monitor? If so, how bad is the bottleneck?

  14. Still rocking the 1600. Paired with a GTX 1070, I can play most recent games at 4k and stream 4k content at 60fps.

  15. Its not worthy upgrading if you have normal gpu like rx 580/gtx 1060

  16. 1:11 best place to install a cpu

  17. Who's gonna use any of this CPUs with a 2080ti?

  18. Using the 1600 for my 1st build along with radeon rx580.

  19. Moral of the story… get an R5 3600

  20. I've had my 1600 for a while now. Never caused me an issue. No instability. No noticeable lag in most games on high settings. Fantastic CPU!

  21. While the 3600 is awesome, I'm waiting for the 4600 to replace my 1600 🙂

  22. noone explain what ryzen gen 1 vs 2 vs 3 is… see for me, ryzen 3rd generation means ryzen 3000+ hints the number 3…. ryzen 2 means all the 2000 series… i'm just confuse so ryzen 5 is 5th generation?

  23. Still happy with my pentium 4, such a good price

  24. i cant even get my 1600 to 3.7 Ghz, this 3.9 is unrealistic ._.

  25. Well you are using the RTX 2080Ti tho… Most people will have a rx 580 to rx 5700 performance like GPU. Will it still be such a difference?

  26. all i need to know is that ryzen 1600 is better than my current i5 4460 gotta save for this processor

  27. ryzen 1600 1.4v for 3.9ghz is a bit high isnt it? i think im using 1.3v for 3.9ghz or am i lucky that i got a good cpu?

  28. my R5 1600 is 8 Core instead of 6. Is it the same as 1700?

  29. The title should be Are 1st-gen Ryzen still good? Since there are multiple 1st gens

  30. Here’s the thing
    The 3600 cost almost double the price of a 1600

  31. What do you think of the r5 1600 af cpu?

  32. Can i play new games with ryzen 1600 gtx 1060 6gb 16gb 3000mhz ddr4 ram ?

  33. Just got a 1600 for $60 and a 1600x for $70 for a friend. Ima have to say worth.

  34. Still using my 1600x with 4,15 GHz at 1,45V Prime95 stable ,AIO watercooled. 1440 Poinds in Cinebench R15. Max OC was 4,2 GHZ with close to 1,5V but not prime stable, in Cinebench he was good with 1460 Poinds. I had no Bluescreens or any other crashes but some Threads shutted down after 20 Minutes. The1600x is still an excellent Chip ! 🙂

  35. I’m still in first generation, and I think I’ll be okay until 2022, maybe 🤔👌🏻

  36. My constant worry regarding AMD is that they have a history of their CPU's to become "tired" over time/use. I have yet to hear about their longterm performance, and how well they do without aftermarket coolers etc. non-OC. I still run Intel as it never feels like its quitting on you, i usualy have my CPU's for about 5years at a time and they never feel like wonky at any point. But then again Ryzen costs Intel money now, but i have seen that before where they costs less but you end up needed aftermarket coolers and tower cooling just to make sure you didnt have a chernobyl machine. When you have been hurt multiple times by AMD you get a little suspicious, having to buy a new CPU every 2 years due to malfunctioning in one way or another isnt saving you any money.

  37. Gr8 information in your video Bro!
    I am on a low budget so I would be buying the ryzen 5 1600 for video editing and minimal gaming.
    Please suggest me good RAM sticks to work effectively with the AMD 1600.
    And also recommend me graphics cards , motherboard with type C port, power supply and a well cooled cabinet.
    Thanks in advance.

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