KEVIN OWENS, BIG SHOW, MIKAZE, CREED & KOFI play Lightning Reaction! — Expansion Pack


Austin Creed brings the terrifying shock game “Lightning Reaction” backstage to Raw to play with Mikaze, Kevin Owens, Big Show and Kofi Kingston… but Big Show leaves the group with an even more surprising end game!

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  1. 1:07 Randy Ortons' theme?

  2. It looked like he crapped his pants

  3. He Gassed you guys out, Now That's s "Weapon" and I meant ripping one out.

  4. Waiting for the ep when shane, steph and Vince do the challenge

  5. Big show looks like kratos

  6. Kevin Owens looked like an innocent kid when Big Show asked him to stand on the other side. His face after the explosion was priceless

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. And then Big Show let that one out silent but deadly.

  9. How do you not get shocked?

  10. Anyone what game was the playing

  11. I call it “ The Worlds Largest Fart”

  12. كوفي kofe قهوة ☕

  13. 2:40 that’s powerful that his finisher

  14. I know exactly what Austin Creed means when he said "I like girls too" I mean we all do if I was him I would say the same thing

  15. I think Show felt the aftershock.

  16. Kevins face when show farts

  17. Estrogen? Says the guy who moved his thumb to avoid getting shocked.

  18. On that day….Big Show turned heel for the 745920184759302 time, because of that fart😂

  19. Where was Kofi trying to go? Can't escape the big show.

  20. I knew the Big Slow wouldn't feel the shock through all of that fat.

  21. 1:07 somone singing randy orton theme song

  22. Im surprised the building survived…

  23. WMD? more like WAD, weapon of ass destruction…man, warn a brother before causing climate change…

  24. Don't tell Show……But, he's kind of a party pooper 😉

  25. Dude how did I miss this? Lmao this is gold!!!!

  26. Oh mein Gott Big Show der ging voll in die Hose😂😂

  27. Was that a racist fart…

  28. I can't stop laughing. People need to see this

  29. Big show turned heel at the end.

  30. He just called us girls let's get him!

  31. I wish all the the superstars didn’t have to play these heel personalities and be more like them self’s

  32. Big show: I am gonna do what's called as the pro gamer move…..

    Farts and locks the door from outside 😂😂😂
    ahhh I love them….

  33. I turned off my phone when the light turned green

  34. وصخ الله يلعن ه الوشم

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