Let's Just Play: Crash Bash [PS1]

Hello everyone on today’s episode of “Let’s Just Play” we dive into Crash Bash a fun and exciting “Mario Party”-like game but it has its own charm.. Your goal to win every single mini game and defeat the boss at the end of each world!
Crash Bash is a party video game published by Sony Computer Entertainment, produced by Universal Interactive Studios (now the defunct Vivendi Games) and developed by Eurocom for the PlayStation. The game was released in North America on November 6, 2000[1] and in Europe on December 1, 2000.[2] It was re-released for the Sony Greatest Hits line-up in 2001 and for the Platinum Range on October 12, 2001.

Crash Bash is the fifth installment in the Crash Bandicoot series. It is the first Crash Bandicoot game not to be developed by Naughty Dog (who had left the series to develop the Jak and Daxter series), the last to appear on the PlayStation console, and the first in the party genre (the second being Crash Boom Bang! six years later). The game’s story centers on a contest of minigames held by Aku Aku and Uka Uka to decide whether good or evil is the strongest.
The main mode of play in Crash Bash is the Adventure Mode, in which the player must win all 28 levels to complete.[4] The player wins Trophies, Crystals, and Gems by beating the different challenges of each level.[4] Certain levels require a minimum number of Trophies, Gems, or Crystals to gain entry. There are five Warp Rooms and completing all of them results in a 200% completion, although this doesn’t unlock anything.[4]

Like the platformer installments of the Crash series, the player uses Warp Rooms to travel among the many levels of Crash Bash.[4] The player can access additional Warp Rooms by defeating Arena Bosses.[4] To complete the entire Adventure Mode, the player must win every Trophy, Gem, Crystal, and Relic in every arena.[4] Each arena is played in the same manner; the arena continues until one player wins three rounds; winning three rounds earns the player a Trophy.[4] After a Trophy is won in an arena, the player can return to the arena to win Gems and Crystals.[4] After any Trophy is gained in a Warp Room four arena, Gold Relics can be obtained in any previously completed level. After completion of the 25 trophies, the player can also win Sapphire Relics from any completed levels.[4] The player wins the Gold Relic after winning a level twice in a row, and a Sapphire Relic after winning three times in a row.

When a certain number of Trophies, Gems, and Crystals have been obtained, an Arena Boss Event is unlocked. In Arena Boss Events, the player battles a single powerful adversary in a certain type of minigame.[4] Defeating this boss requires the player to empty the boss’ health meter.[4] The player will also have a health meter. Every time the player takes damage, his/her health meter will lose some Wumpa Fruit juice.[4] If the juice runs empty, the game will end.[4] By emptying the boss’ health meter first, the player will gain access to the next Warp Room, where more arenas must be fought.
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  1. Crash Bush PlayStation 345 Xbox one x s x

  2. Ahhh mann! this game brings back so mn childhood ps1 memories 😍

  3. I have 3 brothers and we used to play this. Now, they are married with kids. F*ck we're old.

  4. i remember playing this game a lote with my brother we spent a very good time ,….. reste in peace brother

  5. Sweet memories 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  6. I played this game when I was 6 years old now im 22 , bring back so many memories

  7. Se me cae una lágrima perdon

  8. They need to bring this back

  9. Wish this crash can do a comeback on steam or nintendo switch with an online option.

  10. My first game ever anyone else

  11. Hi, Crash Bandicoot community!

    Crash Bash was my first PS1 game in the Crash Bandicoot family … It's really an incredibly party game. Many, many hours of entertainment with your friends. So crazy… I even bought the boomerang adapter for 4 controllers.

    I want to tell you guys that I contacted a company called Limited Rud Games. They manufacture games on physical disks, that is, they convert games from virtual format to a physical disk.

    I contacted them requesting if they can adapt the Crash Bash (PS1) on a PS4 format disk (not remastered). To do this, only through Twitter can make pressure with all the fans to be done by tagging the developer, in this case Cerny Games, since Eurocom no longer exists. In that tweet I tagged Mark Cerny who is the developer. Please help to make an great impact with the Crash Bash fan community so that we can at least play it on a PS4 console and relive those hours of fun with your friends!

    Please watch my tweet and share =)
    Thank you.

  12. oh my God! I remember, 15-20 years ago when friends and me went to that private house that had ps1, we were paying them like 0,1 euro per 1 hour of playing
    we also did crime, going through the street and when we see an open window on the car, and if there's some money (people would leave everything open, it was kind of safe time for living), we'd get that money and go and play crash..
    I still feel bad for those days, but it's an important memory that I can not forget

  13. 😭 I miss it

  14. تذكرت جان عندي سيدي في ايام سوريا 2006

  15. My favorite game 😍😍😍when I was a kid 🇦🇫
    I used to wait for 1 or 2 hrs to play this game because my big bro were always playing football 😑😐

  16. Oh man. This game legit never got boring 😂😂😂. I spent SO MANY HOURS on it. Cocoa was bae ❤️💕

  17. Lol the white knuckle ride of every day society

  18. Greatest of the greatest of the greatest!

  19. I remember playing this with my next door friend when we were in elementary school! This was my favorite CRASH game by far next to the racing ones haha. Ripper Roo is still my favorite character from the games!

  20. If they remastered CTR, they must remast this ONE!!! In this case, i'll buy a PS4 again, Just for this one

  21. The announcer sounds like the one in Mortal Kombat

  22. This WILL be remastered. Just like CTR. Calling it.

  23. I was like in 2nd 3ed grade 😔 was my favorite game

  24. It’s just so great how crash has been such a great franchise so many games and yet so amazing but I’ll be honest out of all of them I never played crash bash before for some odd reason

  25. Best game of all! I would pay 100 dollar to play this game on ps4
    Second place CTR

  26. Crash needs to destroy Cortex and win.

  27. Oh my God this was so funny

  28. Brings back so many memories!

  29. I really really enjoyed this game especially when playing with my cousins.

  30. I love how they managed to get shao Kahn in that game :)))))))

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