Let's Players Reaction To Them Talking Or Moving During Study Hall | Kindergarten 2

In this video, you will see some of the reactions to what happens when the players move or talk during study hall in the game Kindergarten 2.

Let’s Players featured in this video:
Jacksepticeye (
8-BitRyan (
Bijuu Mike (
Gloom (
Kubz Scouts (
LaurenZSide (

Info about the game:
Kindergarten 2 is the long awaited sequel to 2017’s Kindergarten! After the events that occurred on Monday, the children have been rezoned to an all new school. Discover all new areas and new characters as you assist the children with their various assignments. Whether it’s helping Cindy find a new boyfriend, or helping the janitor with his war on Bob, there’s always someone who can be…assisted. Play through the same wonderful Tuesday over and over again, in what has been described as “Groundhog Day with messed up children.”

Even More Kindergarten Fun!
-Play dodgeball!
-Learn how magnets work!
-Collect flower samples for a mad scientist!
-Steal the spazzy kid’s inhaler!
-Facilitate a war between custodians!
-Help the teacher get her fix!
-Aid and abet in a fratricide!
-And many other classic kindergarten activites!
-A Bigger and Better Kindergarten!
-9 new story missions!
-Over 15 new environments!
-50 collectible Monstermon Cards!
-30 unlockable outfits!

Get the game yourself:

General info:
If you have a request related to moments in this video, or this video in general, email readyplayerreact@gmail.com.

Nguồn: https://takeofftools.com/

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  1. bends over to tie shoes


    Me: Gets a laser blown through my eye and outta my head

  2. 8BitRyan's voice for Dr. Danner is the best in my opinion.

  3. Could you please do players react to Felix pushing Ted in the hole

    You don't have to but if you could it would be great UwU

  4. I like it of how Jack responds
    There is to be no talking or moving Till the bell rings. Is that clear?

  5. Teacher: There is to be no talking or moving during this time. Is that clear?


  6. This is the benefits of staying under the school

  7. Teacher: Well well well look at all the bad children i expect good behavior until recess is over there is to be no talking or moving until the bell rings do i make myself clear

    Everyone: …

    Sean: SIR YES SIR CRYSTAL CLEAR!!!!!!!!!

  8. Its so satisfying that they all do different accent on the Forehead energy teacher.

  9. jacksepticeye
    kubz scouts
    those are my fav reaction

  10. making an "I said no moving" joke
    I S A I D N O M O V I N G
    gets shot with some area 51 lookin' laser gun

  11. That depressing moment when you see Cory is nowhere in this video😔 #AndWeAllCried

  12. *breathes*

    Sorry if this is already a comment

  13. Is it me or is every other youtuber than jack plays gacha

  14. science teacher: your lucky the principal bans you from harming you

    Also science teacher:

  15. Guy in study hall:don't do anything
    Everyone:does something and gets shot

  16. Bijuu mike looks like a Walmart jacksepticeye

  17. “There is to be no talking or moving.”



  18. wow i didn't even think that they would start with jacksepticeye

  19. I think you forgot someone by the name of Captainsauce.

  20. Dr. Danner: Well well well look at all the bad children

    has 2 kids

  21. “there has to be no more talking”
    scrathes arm
    me: h e c c

  22. 0:46
    Buggs: help the desk is gonna eat me

  23. Why didnt u put captaincause u asshole

  24. Me: THINKS
    Me: nope
    My character: dead

  25. Danner:There is no talking or moving
    Lil boi: exist
    Danner:You just activated my trap card

  26. Ryan makes the best suitable voices for these characters 😁

  27. Guys, Can anyone realize the character you play as in kindergarten is the protagonist? Noone gives the protagonist much attention, and it deserves much more, The title of this video says them, Looks like this channel isn't paying attention to the protagonist. This happens in a lot of other games where YouTubers mostly don't care for the protagonist, For example, Ace Attorney, Kubz scouts playthrough, He didn't pay much attention to phoenix despite him being the protagonist, I really think protagonists deserve more attention, Thanks for reading.

  28. Jacksepticeye you know…..

    The rest your like who are these??

  29. I’m pretty sure the jackspepticeyes clip was fake

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