LG G5 vs S7 Edge

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The two biggest flagships of the year go head to head. Which one will you choose? This is the LG G5 versus the S7/S7 Edge.

Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release]

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  1. S7 Edge 3600mah battery not 3000

  2. I really miss the old reviewer like lanh, josh, and gary in this channel

  3. LG G5 is brilliant I still use one. The battery if you have a spare or spares is rechargeable in 10 seconds. 4k Video and two great lenses. I use the grip as well which gives longer battery life.

  4. you sold me on this phone bro..

  5. S7 wins for big bezel of the year


  7. These idiotic reviews always go on about fingerprint magnet who cares if there are fingerprints on the phone. What do they want phones with a shit plastic back? Plus the s7 got a superior camera the photos are sharper in both day and night.

  8. G5 is Awesome!
    Now Oreo 8.0 Arrived So Now Software Looks Good!
    Guys Please Help me If i put Full Charge to G5 How Many Hours Takes to drain totally in idle (No Power saving on)

  9. G5 was ahead of its time. I did so much right but got way too much hate. Still useable in 2018.

  10. I will take the lg g5….infrared and radio.

  11. Go from 0 to 100 real quick😂😂😂😂😂😂 #drake

  12. "Safe" if you like disposable flagship phones.

  13. G5 is the best android smartphone in the market

  14. do you have vietnamese parent ?

  15. Tbh I hate phones that have very large chins but put nothing there and instead waste screen space by having digital buttons. If they have the space to but it in the chin they should cough google pixel. That's the main reason I like the s7 edge more than the LG G5 it doesn't waste any screen space on digital buttons and instead has capacitive touch buttons in the chin. It's fine though on the newer near besseless displays that have very small chins as long as you can hide the digital buttons.

  16. 0 to 100 real quick 😉

  17. Brain and heart says S7
    Wallet says G5
    The second hand price is cheaper than S7 😂

  18. Whatever both of them are better than iphones L0L!

  19. G5 has modular specs
    Way better front camera
    Comparable rear camera
    An extra wider lens
    And if u go to phone performance they are some videos in which u can see that the s7 drops fps below15 while lg still goes around 40

  20. Music was super distracting

  21. luckyly i got lg g5 last unit yesterday in philipines,really fall n love with it <3<3

  22. My first android was the LG Optimus 3D, worst phone ever bad experience. I switched over to a Galaxy S2 LTE, hands down the best Galaxy to date. I fell in love with Galaxy because of that phone. LG support and updates are garbage. Always Galaxy Flagship.

  23. You forgot the biggest two differences

    Lg G5 has an inbuilt fm radio and an IR blaster, Samsung does not!
    If the fingerprint sensor would not have stopped working for no reason then I would have stayed with it for many more years, but I did what I had to do and sold my beloved lg G5 and got a Samsung s7 edge 😀 XD

  24. oh..the annoying background music !

  25. G5 is till one of the best
    phone one can buy now.
    performance camera everything is excellent.
    but screen retention😞

  26. I had lg g3 before 7 month
    and now I have su edge and one thing I have to say that s7 edge is laggy so much…
    lg is smooth

  27. Didnt finish watching because the stupid music in the back. Like seriously. C'mon now.

  28. no front-facing/selfie camera comparison?

  29. I currently have a G5 and going from the G5 to the Galaxy S7 Edge is it a good decision???

  30. 0 to 100 "real quick"

  31. I have a g5 and it's awful. you can't see it in the sun. the finger print recognition doesn't work every time. the camera is nowhere as good on my phone as shown in this video. the screen freezes. even on 2g/3g networks it drops signal during calls resulting in the phone being hung up. I've put it in for repair 3 times now and have finally got them go agree to change it for a s7 edge which I can't wait for. I'm really looking forward to seeing my new phone. I've had an lg g4 in the past and can't recommend it enough which is why I chose the g5 only 6 months ago. I personally wouldn't recommend the g5 to anybody.

  32. can someone explain what a flagship phone is

  33. got my g5 near mint condition for about $150. worth it.

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