Life is Strange Episode 5 Max's Nightmare

Life is Strange Episode 5 Max’s Nightmare

Game Description
Life Is Strange is a five part episodic game that sets out to revolutionise story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present and future.

You are Max, a photography senior who saves her old friend Chloe by discovering she can rewind time. The pair soon find themselves exposed to the darker side of Arcadia Bay as they uncover the disturbing truth behind the sudden disappearance of a fellow student.

Meanwhile, Max begins to have premonitions as she struggles to understand the implications of her power. She must quickly learn that changing the past can sometimes lead to a devastating future.

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  1. I cant believe they ate human meat

  2. 5:43 nice to see someone was as stuck as I was lol. I went through the right door by chance and I wasn’t sure how I triggered the right answer. It took me figuring out Victoria and normal Max’s doors to realized the first Max was wearing Rachel’s clothes and I accidentally went into Rachel’s room

  3. "look at max spying on us"

  4. bitch do not mess with frank
    or me
    you got a snack?

  5. 18:42 damn, the dog’s got his own phone.

  6. This episode gave me nightmares and traumatized me

  7. If only Doc Brown rode in his DeLorean or the Doctor hopped into his TARDIS and warned Max before all this happened

  8. that definitely felt like the fever dream someone would have.

  9. Guys please i dont understand that ,, why seeing that nightmare what’s the point???? Somebody answer me im getting crazy

  10. N o m o s h p i t f o r y o u , s h a k a b r a h !

  11. The scariest part of this nightmare is hearing Mr. Jefferson say, "The only place I can be MySeLfiE"

  12. 1:53 btw if u do ¨ily¨ he will say it back LMAOOO

  13. max is the most traumatized character i know

  14. this messed with my brain wtf

  15. This part of the game was really fucked up.. probably my favorite part. İt scared the shit out of me.

  16. I laughed so hard at chloe and victoria hooking up🤣

  17. I never knew I wanted to see Victoria and Chloe flirting…

  18. This is Anxiety in a nutshell.

  19. I haven't been this creeped out since playing silent Hill, bravo!

  20. 22:00 When talking to yourself becomes a reality

  21. Roses are red
    Chloe wearing nothing is heaven
    The part you're look for
    Is 20:27

    If you thought this would rhyme, you're going to be disappointed.

  22. Is it bad that I ship Nathan and Chloe

  23. this shit was so terrifying. i got really unsettled as soon as i saw the red splats hit the window and i was like “oh shit” and like when she had all those texts that threatened her. EVEN FUCKING POMPIDOU!!! hated the halls, hated the diner scene where the evil max talked to the real max, hated this whole part. traumatizing…

  24. This iS giving me a ANXIETY ATTACKK

  25. All this did was spur me into Sacrificing Arcadia Bay 😉 xD

  26. And to be honest I officially thought, 4 years ago, that the game is broken at this stage

  27. This really fucked my nightmares up

  28. I hated Kate’s speech to me. In my story she jumped. It gave me chills along with all the damn text messages and her journal during the whole William scene.

  29. Aight hold up
    45 mph steps


  30. Nathan: "Goddamn you are a sexy bitch"

  31. A masterpiece. The way they show us all what happened, but now in Max's mind and how she lived that. Awesome.

    Sorry for my english xD

  32. This scene made me so squeamish and I was squirming in my bed all night after playing this! NO JOKE!

    Also I’m not here to watch, I just pressed pause so I can make my comment. Have a nice day!

  33. 24:23 Personally, this is by far the best part of the scene all the way to the entire memory train about both Max and Chloe.

  34. 5:05, Oh damn, it's PT!!!

  35. I am confused about this. Hole thing

  36. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet
    Max Caulfield

  37. Max: Has a nightmare
    50(ish) birds in dream: "Guess i'll die"

  38. 22:03: Evil Max😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  39. Warren: max come out to play, MAX

    Max: gotta go fast

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